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Saturday, July 5, 2014


So, last night Angi and I decided to be a tad bit selfish.  Having tried several years in a row to make it to see fireworks we opted to make it a little easier on ourselves and go it alone.  With the kiddo's more then happy with Pizza and free reign of the TV, we got ready to go.  After calling the cab I stepped outside and realized the yard was a wee bit of a mess and started to pick up some kids debris from the day....
Then I felt the first rain drops.
Very soon, the now traditional Fourth of July torrential downpour was upon us!  Of course, at the very height of the deluge, the cab showed up, and I tried in vain to offer Angi shelter with the umbrella, the driving rain having made the shelter worthless.
Not wanting to surrender, we pressed on to downtown Clearwater in hopes that the water would lighten up.  Thankfully, by the time we got half way there it all but did.  Of course, we had time to kill so we tried to get a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  Apparently, management didn't bother to plan ahead for what would surely be a VERY busy night, and the line was close to a half an hour long, having only three on staff, and they had run out of just about everything!
What fun.
We stepped across the street to the local pizza joint ordering up something to munch on, but no sooner had we sat down and ordered, did we hear the fireworks start early.  At this point, Angi, who is VERY fleet of feet, handed them her license to hold our seat and food, and we booked.  Rather she booked and I did my best to keep up!  Wasn't that bad, as it was downhill.  Thankfully we had a close up spot to view the show, and missed very little. The way back up the hill, Angi took out her fast shoes again.  At that point I didn't even try and keep up!  After finishing our dinner and waiting over an hour for a return cab trip home, we cooled down and chilled for a little while.
At this point, as we relaxed, Suzanne surprised me by once again showing just how sharp she is.  When she first came into our home, I tried to interest her in a game of fetch.  She had no idea what I was getting at!  I've always wanted a dog who would play catch but for some reason each dog I had showed no aptitude for it.  Well, last night, as Angi fought with her phone trying to upload her film of the fireworks to Facebook, Suzanne came to me on the couch, with a tennis ball in her mouth.  At first I just thought it was her propensity for wanting something to chew on, but curious, I pried it from her mouth.  At this point she got a big grin, starting wagging her tail so intensely her whole body was into it.  Quick, random movement of the ball had her head and eyes following it, so I gave it a toss which she excitedly charged after, then returned it!  I have NO idea where she learned the game, but she was hilarious to watch!   After a half an hour she was exhausted and passed out on the floor.
Yesterday was expectantly slow, but we did manage to send two rides to new homes one of the being on the "ten minute rule"!  gent and his son came in and looked at the GORGEOUS Trek Pure, and were sold on it but for some reason were going to wait.  Seven minuets after they left a very nice lady, who has been following us for sometime to find a good comfort cruiser, happened to be passing by the shop and decided to stop in and check out the stock, falling immediately in love with it.
Today, the traditional flood of weekend repairs have been coming in, so with that, I'd best get to it!
See y'all soon!

ONLY $110.00!!


  1. Steven-

    I just want to thank you for that bike I bought from you today. Being "between books" at the moment, I needed something to chew on, and it is the perfect machine. It has already been stripped down and the frame gone over, massaged and modified. No part will be thrown away, and from what came on the bike, only one part will not be going back on. It will be light and fast, with just a whiff of wicked. Another Victim of Chip's Garage. Thank you.

    As for the rest of you, you should be fighting over that three-speed Puch. A fine machine. It gets the Uncle Chippie two thumbs up.

  2. If anyone can give it the love it deserves it is you sir!

  3. Steven-

    I have far too many ideas for that bike. Can't wait to see what happens next! And by the way, I do believe I have bought more bicycles from you than from any other bike shop EVER.

    I'm rather proud of that.