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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Duncan Days!

Up, down, in, out.
Now, Cats in the Cradle, and Walk the Dog!
Not unlike the old Christmas Stocking favorite, the Yo-Yo, so too was the day yesterday!
Started off with promise, having two repair pick-ups, very first thing and one drop off, spirits were high!  
Then the clouds rolled in, and henceforth came the rains. 
Thankfully it was only brief, and once they subsided, I took an eager Suzanne out back for a walk.  Unfortunately, the city or Progress Energy or whoever is responsible for doing so, are quite inept when it comes to tree trimming.  The Catch 22 of  Florida living, is the rapid tree growth, while beautiful and offering shade, can be detrimental when too close to power lines, especially in high winds.  However, it is illegal for residence or tenants to trim back said trees that are close to power lines.  The fact that no one seems to police the situation ends up resulting in what we had happen here yesterday.  As I was at the end of the alley behind the shop, waiting for Suzanne to find that "just right" spot to do her business, the transformer directly above me blew!  The resulting shower of sparks and deafening "POW!!" left my heart and nerves in shambles, and sent a terrified dog running for cover with an audible "YELP!".
Needless to say, all tenants of the shopping center sat idle in the dark for a couple of hours, awaiting the repair truck. 
Oddly enough, after about 15 minuets, still in the stone age, we got our busiest!  We took in another repair and sent two bikes to new homes!  Shortly thereafter the lights were back on and our high hopes were rejuvenated!
The rains came back!
At this point, I became somewhat despondent.  The boys showed up later in the day, Elijah finally getting around to repairing his rear wheel that has been popping spokes (eight total) for the last week. He has been too busy working and sleeping (mostly sleeping) to be bothered.  The apathy resulting in a rim so badly malformed he will have to replace it (AGAIN!) in short order! As that was done, and it was Taco Wednesday at the neighboring Mexican Restaurant (the Chicken being Angela's favorite) I opted to treat for the family.  As her and I chatted back and forth she suggested I just come home early, so we could eat and relax for the night.  Leaving the boy in charge, I put the tumultuous day behind me and did just that!
So I begin today with renewed vigor, the sun, bright in the sky with only scattered clouds, I hope for the best!
Thankfully, that is truly the gift of life, that each day is a new chance for change!
See you soon!

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  1. I dunno, man...

    I mean, Duncan Days are okaaaayyyyyy.... But them Slinky Nights rock.

    Or so I'm told.