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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Turnover Tuesday!!!

Now THAT'S what I call a TUESDAY! 
Or rather, that's what we wish EVERY Tuesday could be like!  Sent SEVEN rides to new homes yesterday!   INCREDIBLE!
Normally we break out a trilogy of movies and hunker down for the average slow, lazy day Tuesdays usually are, but not then!  It quickly became even MORE apparent that we really need more goodies to put out!  I'm half tempted to go in the back and dig through the scrap pile that hasn't been picked up yet to see if there is anything I could play with.  I say half tempted as doing so would be a lesson in futility I wouldn't have the patience for.  Oh, we are pretty picky about what we label as "scrap".  We don't like to get rid of anything, but clearly, if it's going to take more to fix it then we can sell it for?  Enh.  Why bother! 
'sokay, though, we do have another Cannondle commuter to build and I picked up a men's 26" cruiser yesterday that a gent just kind of handed to us with the statement "I'm tired of dealing with it!"  Seems he has had issues with the rear wheel, and attempted to rectify it himself a few times, only it kept breaking.  We informed him it needed new guts, but he decided to just get rid of it and go get a new one.  More the better for us!
Aside from battling my Internet connection this morning it has been a wee bit quite around here, due in part, I'm sure to the rain we had earlier. 
Well, as thrilling as I am sure all this adventurous banter has been, I must cut it short.  Due to my fighting with the Internet, I lost the morning and really must get to building! 
See ya all soon!!

Here's the new goodies!

ONLY $240.00!!!
ONLY $70.00!!!

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