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Monday, July 28, 2014

And Now....For The Weekend Update!

This weekend landed with a deafening "thud".
Saturday found a few looky loo's, but not much of anything else, sadly.  We did manage to get out three more goodies though!  So it was not a total loss.  And what gems they are!  Two more road bikes, A GORGEOUS Schwinn World Sport, and an equally exquisite "Team Fuji" Fuji, upgraded to a commuter.  Also, came out with a very sleek Raleigh C-40 Hybrid, with a NEW rear wheel and several other upgrades!  And for a sweetheart of a deal as well! 
Kaleb came in and opened on Sunday, to see what he could see, with the caveat that if he got busy I would come in.
Well..... I didn't come in. 
No, he pretty much napped most of the day (speculation) and had a brief rush of folks looking at said road bikes, but apparently after a half an hour of Q & A they opted to come back in today. 
So, spent the day in repose and relaxation.  Got our house duties done early, then as the kiddo's dominated the video game, Angi and I zoned out in our room to mindless TV, briefly passing out for a nap.  Come dinner time, we decided to give the kids a treat, and save on the cooking time and do Checkers.
Now...we hardly EVER do fast food, and last nights experience proved WHY we don't.  Having to force my way through what they tried to pass off as a Philly Cheese Steak, I could barely touch my fries.  Angi had similar regrets with hers, us we both felt, afterword's, as if we had swallowed bricks!  Yes, even this morning we were still feeling the lingering effects of this epicurean misstep!  Angi suggested I record the terrible sounds her stomach was making in a vain attempt to digest the indigestible, so if ever she should have the thought of eating there again, I could replay the sounds to remind her it was a bad idea!
Unable to lay in comfort watching TV afterwards, we took over the big TV at bedtime for the kiddos, watched her new Fave "The Strain" on FX, then as we switched to Hemlock Grove, she lay in my lap and we both eventually passed out.
Into today!
Got some repairs to finish up, then back to the basics, and get some more rides out!  We need to put up some cheapie, cheaps for the more economical buyers, and we have a couple candidates! 
So, with that, see y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $160.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $160.00!!
image 1
ONLY $210.00!


  1. Wow, check out the frame size on that lovely Schwinn. Walt was right- it IS a small World, after all.

    Sorry. Couldn't resist.