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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shame, Shame on YOU Mr. Peace Keeper!

Ever wish you walked or rode around with one of those POV helmet cams?  Always recording what you see?  You know, like with that brief encounter in the woods with a family of Yeti's, or the chance, rapid appearance of a fleet of flying saucers? Or the equally rare second where a politician tells the truth? 
Well, yesterday was not as exciting as any of those (or as implausible as the truthful politician) but I had wished I had my video phone out and ready. 
As we were headed home last night, Logan was leading the way as I had Suzanne setting a slow pace.  It's hot and I don't want her to overdo it.  We came up on the intersection of Patricia and Union.  Here, we cross over Union headed South then once at that corner, head East on Union.  On the SE corner of the intersection sits a Chevron station and a Quickie Mart.  As we stood, waiting for the signal, I noticed two police cars, lights flashing, having pulled over an obvious ne're-do-well.  As we began our crossing the officer in the back, pulled away and headed for the North East exit to the parking lot.  I was watching as he drove through the lot and noticed he was looking down, towards his lap, obviously reading something.  As we had crossed and were coming up to the lot entrance, with Logan in the lead, the officer, oblivious to all except what ever he was reading in his lap, went right over the very obvious and brightly painted stop line at the lot's edge to come to rest mere inches from the road, completely obscuring the cross walk.  This action, having been performed a mere few feet from Logan compelled him to desperately slam on his brakes, propelling him off his seat and nearly turned him into a Eunuch!  Logan, clearly shaken and dumbfounded, merely stood in shock.  The officer, blandly looked up from what he was viewing, smirked and pulled out into traffic, offering no apology or acting the slightest bit contrite!
Exactly HOW do the law givers or enforcers in our land expect the general population to conduct themselves civilly or properly when they themselves are not beholding to the same laws or morality they contend to inflict upon us!?  Stop lines are there for a REASON!  And I'm sorry, but I was under the impression that even if texting while driving may NOT be illegal, in the strictest sense, it is frowned upon.  And yes, it was texting, not some official capacity.  police cars are equipped with computers that mount to the center console to the RIGHT of the driver.  He was looking and reading down and to his left hand.  And they pull over cyclists for texting or using their phone while they ride!!  I'm sorry but does the word contradictory or double standard ever get covered in police school? 
ANYWAY!  That's my gripe for the day, by chance I hope it gets to those who SHOULD be reading it! 
Yesterday plodded along for a bit, having ample time to put out three new rides, then near days end we started to get busy, really busy!  Within the last hour of the day we sent the Gary Fisher to an appreciative new home (and WOW that one stayed here longer then I thought it would) of course having been another example of the ten minute rule!  OK, it was a little longer then ten minutes...more like an hour and a half, but it applies!  Gent came in earlier in the day, road tested it, loved it but stated he was going to wait a day (???), then in the afternoon a nice lady did some wheeling and dealing and took it home.  Also, got in four repairs right before close, one of them from a gent who had chosen to use our services strictly based on the fact that we have "Firefly" paraphernalia in our window!  Oh yes, extra special job for him! 
Oh!  Another cute Suzanne moment!  Last night, after having put the girls to bed and the house had quiet down Mom and Dad took their usual moment to sit on the porch and download.  Suzanne, as always, wants to be where we are, but when we went out, she had been laying on the couch, apparently asleep.  As Angi and I engaged in idle chit chat we heard the sound of someone trying to open the door.  We don't have the standard door knob but rather the lever, requiring merely a downward push.  It took a seconds focus through the window shears to realize it was not one of the kids but rather Suzanne, standing on her hind legs with one paw on the door frame and one on the lever trying to open it!  As stated before, she is one smart pooch!
Well, Id best get my Jiggy on, as we did manage to pick up a couple new rides on trade yesterday, and Heavens knows we got some holes to fill!
See ya on the other side!

ONLY $80.00!!
ONLY $60.00!!
ONLY $35.00!!

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  1. Policing the police is always a touchy thing.