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Friday, July 4, 2014


Ah yes!  That day of the year when folks spend a lot of hard earned cash to watch it explode on their front lawn while friends and family gather to drink American made beer and scare the bagebuzz out of other's children trying to sleep.
Oh goodie.
Yes, I'm not so "UP" on this time of year, as the sarcasm denotes.  However, I can not begrudge folks too much who have the ability to enjoy the long weekend.  OK, so maybe there is a tad bit of envy wrapped up in there somewhere, but I'll be the last to admit it.
Oh....wait....I just did, didn't I?
For us, it's just another day, albeit a somewhat shorter one, as we close at six.  As mentioned yesterday, for the last several years every time we have tried to enjoy the holiday, something has occurred to wreck it.  So tonight we try once again to shuffle out and view the fireworks in the park, downtown Clearwater.  Truthfully, just about the only time we ever bother traveling to that part of town, as there is so little to do there. 
Do I sound tinged with a wee bit of vitriol?
Enh?  Yesterday was wholeheartedly BORING and we have little more to do today!  So I am in a wee bit of a mood.  The one ray of sunshine though, was last night as Angi and I had our chill down time before getting dinner ready (in response to the children's plaintive pleas, was "Beanie-weenies") and as the conversations rambled aimlessly, we of course covered the children's actions of the day.  As we were talking, Miranda came to the front door and holding onto the nipple of her bottle repeatedly whacked it against the window, in an attempt to get our attention.  The simple act of using her bottle as a bludgeoning weapon reminded me fondly of something from my youth.
Diaper Man.
Now, for the younger readers or even the "uncool" older readers who suffered a most egregious gap in their youthful revelry, "Diaper Man" was a member of the quintet "The Mighty Heroes!".  This group of bungling Superheroes (Strong Man, Tornado Man, Rope Man, Cuckoo Man and Diaper Man) were back up stories for a variety of incarnations of "the Mighty Mouse Show" having produced a total of 21 episodes.  Thus inspired, when we went inside, I popped the TV on YouTube and sure enough, found several of the episodes.  The really nice part of it all, was some of the kids, curious as to what I was into, sat and watched.  And liked it!  The shocking part of this is most of the things I remember from my childhood, that I attempt to interest them in, is met with a resounding "thud".  This one had them cracking up. 
Well, on the work front...nope.  Nothing to build, all repairs long since done and we are just waiting for this holiday to be over so things can get back to normal. 
Soooooo, I'm going to relish in my youthful excesses and see if I can find any more episodes of "The Mighty Heroes!"
Then maybe Shmoo.
Who remembers Shmoo?

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  1. Not yet 6:00, and all quiet in the neighborhood... for now. I don't doubt that we will be offering up a stunning recreation of Saigon '75 here in an hour or two, complete with the Sheriff's Dept. kicking in the requuired choppers for that added touch.

    Do pay extra special attention to your pets tonight, folks. This is always a bad night for them.