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Monday, July 7, 2014

Warm Welcome.

As you may recall, in our last exciting episode, I had discovered my handle bars had been screwed up by my arch nemesis "Belligerent Teenager!"  I spent the remaining few moments on Saturday replacing them, only to find on the way home that having had to use an inch diameter in an inch and a quarter quill, I utilized a shim that slipped, thus making the remainder of the trip..."interesting".  Having no other back up to get into work on Sunday I was forced to have to limp in, gingerly holding the handle bars!  The realization that one false move could send me sailing forward to inevitable death by road rash, precluded the idea of bringing Suzanne along for the day considering her propensity for sudden and drastic course corrections!  Angela agreed to dog sit for the day, with the help of Logan doing "walkies", which I think, did not seem to perturb Suzanne much, as she seemed more then content to spend the day in repose. 
However, as the old saying goes, "distance makes the heart grow fonder" once I returned home for the afternoon, Suzanne met me excitedly at the door in a full, vigorous total body tail wag, complete with the offering of a tennis ball in her mouth.  From that point forward, all evening she did not once leave my side, albeit somewhat discomforting when I had to use the rest room.  Yes, at this point the bathroom, at least for me, has become based on an "open door" policy.  Even Angi and my evening of repose, relaxation and TV watching was somewhat determined by Suzanne's whim, as her tendency to bop me in the cheek with her paw when I am not paying her suitable attention.  This point of contention is made apparent by Angela releasing my hand, crossing her arm stating sarcastically that she knows who is more important!  All in good fun, though. 
Even though the "day off" was somewhat sidelined by the necessity of me coming in yesterday, we did managed to salvage the afternoon with a Barbecue and some small play time.  However, the children, ecstatic that Mom was not voicing her negative critique of their Netflix choices, were elated thy were getting away with a mini-marathon of "Family Guy" hence play time was short lived.  Yes, chastised me if you will, but my children (much to the chagrin of their Mother) share my same irreverent sense of twisted humor.  Much like the controversy of times past in regards to the violence of The Coyote, cross dressing tendencies of Bugs Bunny or dangers of kids thinking they can fly like "Superman" much of the "politically correct" hullabaloo is unjustified.  Teach a kid "it's not real" and they get it. 
Managed to send home two rides yesterday and a couple more repairs came in, Thank you so much for the trust!  Also picked up a few BMX'ers and a really sweet Ladies 24" cruiser! Yes, the Holy Grail of Florida cycling! The rare and elusive Twenty Four Inch!!!  That one is already in my rack awaiting completion!
Ah well, I guess I best get off my buttocks, as I have spent the morning with the beginning of the week EBay rush of shipping, and now I need to get some rides built!
Love you all, very much!  Hope to see you soon!


  1. They say that riding your bike with no handle bars is the first step in concurring the world. =)

  2. And here I thought it was the first step to a really serious dental appointment.


  3. Or the ending of you family tree, and the beginning of a lucrative singing career in the Japanese opera!

  4. I do enjoy riding my fixie no-hands for funsies, But I am no where near the talent required to do it full time, start to finish.

    Funny thing, though: Florida State Law SPECIFICALLY requires a seat on a bicycle. No mention of handlebars, though!