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Thursday, July 3, 2014

YAWN! Well....At Least We Have Plenty Of Movies To Watch!

Not even the crickets showed up!
I can only assume the ghost town feel yesterday was due to folks preparing for the long weekend.  Well, at least some folks have long weekends!  No, we are open all the way through  We will close an hour early tomorrow in hopes of viewing the fireworks!  It's an annual tradition in our family to make plans to go and relax and view the festivities, which is inevitably screwed up some way or another.  Last years fiasco gives me pause for doubt, but as we are gluttons for punishment we will try again!  Angela loves fireworks and I do hope we are able to pull it off this year.  Fingers crossed, No torrential downpour to put a kink in the plans! 
We were able to finish up a couple of projects yesterday, a nice bang around men's 26" cruiser and a real sweet Cannondale H300 Commuter hybrid.  This one is FULLY re-furbed AND upgraded, with a newer alloy bars, integrated shifters, NEW rear wheel and tire and she rides like a dream!  She is showing some wear on the paint, hence the lower price for such a gem!  And those two bring us up to date on the available re-builds.  Today, I am once again cursed to have to resort to *shudder* PARTS SORTING!!!
I do so hope a plethora of folks come in today to provide us with something else to do!  OH please, oh please, oh PLEASE!!!
Well, as I have no real words of wit or wisdom to impart upon you today I will bid my farewells, as I best just bite the damn bullet and get to sorting! us....

ONLY $65.00!!
ONLY $210.00!!

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