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Friday, July 25, 2014 ain't a new episode...but it's SOMETHING!!!

Well, the weather broke just long enough for Rozy, Suzanne and I to make it to the shop, dry.  Of course, half an hour later the skies opened up again.
Another day risking the aching of old bones, and the stillness of slow traffic.  Hopefully some brave soul will weather the storm and come and pay us a visit!
Speaking of brave souls, when I went on Facebook this morning, as they are ever watchful to give me the heads up on all my obsessions, I caught wind of the recent announcement out of the San Diego Comic Con, that ALL of the original cast members of Firefly will be reprising their roles in the upcoming Online game "Firefly Online".  Even one of the secondary characters, the villainous crime lord Niska, will return.  Now if only Badger, Saffron and Jubal Early sign on, it would be complete!  Especially Jubal, HE was a very compelling adversary who quite frankly, should not be counted out, even though he was left floating in space at the end of episode 14!
 Yes, when I first heard of the upcoming franchise, I signed up, named my captains avatar, and am waiting impatiently for the first day.  Realistically, of course, I have very limited time to play, but it's the thought that counts.  Hey, I'll take ANY opportunity to absorb new Firefly, regardless of WHAT medium it comes in!!
Back to work.
Yesterday started out to be  good day.  Relaxing morning coffee with Angi, then off to the shop for what I had anticipated to be  busy day of production.  We got busy in the am, sending the Giant to a new home, after a prolonged conversation about technology, kids and the inevitable intertwining codependency! Had several looky loo's, with very specific wants, who we will remain ever watchful for that perfect ride  Then, taking what I thought would be a brief soiree into a single repair, it quickly became apparent it would be the days entire ball!  Thinking it merely a drive train replacement, I continuously found one issue after another, eventually having to replace the entire derailleur compliment and shifter as well!  I gave him a good deal, considering it was rather unexpected.  By the time I finished, it was almost six pm, but not wanting to give in, I had picked up an older Raleigh road bike, in trade, so that one popped into my rack and went off seamlessly, and should be finished post haste! 
We still have plenty out back to play around with, one in particular, an old Trek Cross, I am debating on whether I am going to part it out, or rebuild as a banger.  Mechanically it will be sound, but the white paint leaves a little to be desired for the more discernible eye. 
We also got in another collection of VHS movies as well!  Some real classic gems in here!  "Creature from the Black Lagoon" and other B-Movie classics.  The most appealing pieces, to me, was a small collection of Rowan Atkins "Blackadder" series!  An absolutely delicious comedic farce of one families lineage throughout important moments in English history, with each cast member playing a different role.  An added bonus is Hugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House in later years) proves his chops as a brilliant purveyor of hilarious proportions!
So, today, once the Raleigh is done, I will keep myself incessantly busy pumping out more goodies for tomorrow.  Although, the smart ones will keep checking our Facebook page for them as they go out!  Sadly, far to many folks lately have been coming in a day or two after we have posted them on Craigslist actually expecting them to still be here!  I feel downright lousy that they made the trip in vain, and always forewarn them, next time, best to call first, as very little will last last 24 hours!
Last night was another blessed evening of dinner and relaxation.  As a pleasant side effect of having to wait for the ingredients, we made a "kids" dinner first.  Thereby, all the kiddos were done, washed up and in bed before we sat down for the evening repast!  Peace, quiet and light conversation lending itself to calming digestion!  Retiring to the bedroom we put on "Greed" and having apparently been more exhausted from the late night before, we both past out before the ending of one episode! 
SO, rested and refreshed we begin our day anew!
Hope to see you all soon!

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  1. So... One more day for Comic-Con, and I have to say I'm kinda disappointed my phone ain't ringin' off da hook. Small in joke there.

    But: That red Raleigh came out right nice, Steven. A lovely ride for a lucky new rider. As for me, I'm still rounding up the bits and pieces for that weird dual-drive Fulton, and FINALLY found tires for the even weirder vintage Moulton.

    Normal's just no fun at all.