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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Don't you hate that?
Yesterday was just an odd sensation.  Having had to try and rest in, Kaleb came and opened up.  Eventually I staggered in early afternoon, having found work piling up and got at it.  By the time I bothered to take a glance at the clock it was almost five!  UGH!   Then of course, having worked Sunday, I couldn't even remember what DAY it was!   Yes.  That kind of day!  We managed to get out all the repairs, and even took in a few more goodies, thank Heavens!!  Was really starting to get light in here!  Going to work away on those shortly.
Kaleb is recovering rather well, of course displaying male bravado.  Not wanting to be dormant, he continues to work away on his rides.  Not wanting to get to graphic, but having to redress the wounds last night Angi did the whole hydrogen peroxide and removing of the icky stuff.  Don't know how she did it so calmly. 
That's about the extent of any excitement we have had.  Not sure if that's good or bad. 
Best get to busy and put out some goodies.
See ya all soon!


  1. Yeah, he looks like he took an ill-timed vacation on Bikini Atoll. (And I'll wait right here for a minute while the rest of you look that up.)

    Still, considering, I think he came through in flying colors, no pun intended, I assure you.

    Far better than you or I would have, my friend.

  2. HA HA HA!! Yea, you're right! I had to look it up! Yep, peeling skin and all!!

  3. Some years ago, during the Nixon Administration, my brother had a Schwinn three speed that was always out of sorts. (He did his own work.) He was rolling along up Lake Avenue, but looking back down under his right arm, trying to check out the gear cable where it enetered the rear hub and did not see THE BRIGHT ORANGE SIMCA parked at the curb. He nailed it dead on and flew over the thing, landing on the hood. Did more damage to the Simca than the Schwinn, but the two cute young things sitting in the car were quite impressed by his fitness level and gynmastic possilities.

    Only my brother, man. Only my brother.