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Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Morning Reality Slap!

Ever have one of those mornings?  You've had a REALLY good day off, a relaxing evening with someone you love.  Minimal to NO trouble what so ever, then you wake up this next morning and  sad it's over, and you have to go back to your grind?
Yea.  Me too.
Yesterday Angi and I took a selfish day and, rising early, had a relaxing morning coffee, then headed out for a day at the mall, sans children, so we could make a long time dream of Angi's come true.  She finally got some INK!  Yes, long wanting to adorn herself with a permanent statement of her own, a couple weeks back she stumbled upon the perfect first pick.  An artistic rendering of a lady butterfly.  Having originally envisioned it smaller, she was easily convinced by the tattoo artist, Jeremy at Atomic Tattoos, to go a little bigger in order to bring out the pictures detail.  She had spent some time talking to other folks who have had worked done (myself included) and we all coached her on the level of pain she would have to endure.  Mine was on my chest, one of the more sensitive areas, so I was no help, other then to say "you'll get to a point where the pain is the worst it can get, and every thing else is a piece of cake"
Needless to say, she was a tad bit apprehensive, but she was determined to go through with it.  Once all the preparations were done, and the lines laid out, he put needle to skin...and she didn't flinch.  At first I thought it might be "brave face", but as I watched, her countenance betrayed no hint of anguish.  At one point in the process, she almost dozed off!  After about three hours, the work was done, and aside from one brief moment of sour face when he was doing the coloring, she held up with no problem!  The end result is beautiful!  Check out the finished ink!

No sissy little one inch lady bug!  This was some SERIOUS ink work!  Even after the numbing agent wore off and the "bad sunburn" feeling kicked in, she has already picked out her next piece and it's location.  A very fitting tribute to our son Cannon, and the other children as well!
After this we took some time to wander about and have lunch (unfortunately....mall food) then went home where she could take a few hits of Advil and convalesce.
Which then brings us to today.  After the experience, I am having trouble redirecting myself to the tasks at hand, but as we have several repairs from Saturday to get done, I best put my head on straight.  I did manage to get out one new one on Saturday, another really sweet Diamondback MTB, and have a ladies Nishiki in my rack that's getting a full face lift!  So I best finish up and get on with the repairs!  Until then, see ya round!

ONLY $160.00!!!

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