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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Calm Seas in Rough Storm

In so much as the last few days has seen me reluctant to relinquish my mornings at home, last night proved even more difficult to let rest and focus on the demands of the day!  Picture perfect, Angela created a sumptuous dinner, that I devoured in record time.  Once all children retired, we relaxed, enjoying each others company until eventually having to give in to the need for rest.
SO, yesterday was going along peacefully enough until I glanced out into the parking lot and noticed a badge walking towards the door.  Of course, there is that fleeting moment of fear  "did something happen", "is everyone OK" and the irrational fear "what did I do?"  The officer was amiable enough, but opened with the line "I'm here about a Diamondback Edgewood you purchased"  I was immediately struck with panic, as I could not recollect having bought an Edgewood for quite some time.  See, an Edgewood is a really nice Hybrid.  Also, as the officer was obviously holding a copy of the information we file with the state each time we buy a bike from someone, he apparently knew more then I.  Scrambling to remember, with the fear that perhaps I REALLY screwed up and upon buying the bike, perhaps, absent mindedly sold it without holding it for the fifteen days, filled me with fear.  The begrudging acceptance that my rather questionable memory has even gotten worse over the last few years, failed to give me any solace.  We have two Diamondbacks in stock, but one was a donation and the other a "buy back" on our rental program, so neither are needed to be reported. The officer retained his composer, and was quite understanding of my befuddlement, even to go so far as to offer humor, as I turned off the TV to think and he countered with the statement "you don't need to turn off MST3K on my account!"   It took a few minuets for me to collect myself and go through my signed and fingerprinted copies of the original purchase order to discover where the error was.  Last week we purchased a 20" Diamondback BMX, that still sits out its fifteen day hold in the back.  This bike, clearly, could not be misconstrued for an Edgewood!  Seems the only info he was given was that we bought a Diamondback two days after a gentleman had HIS diamondback stolen.  They had not bothered to inform the officer of any information other then the name "Diamondback"!  Once it was established that this was not the bike he was looking for, he was very apologetic and professional.
Didn't help my heart calm down any faster!
Well, even with that moment of nail biting drama, we did manage to put out FIVE new rides yesterday!  WAHOO!!! 
Check them out below, as we now have a plethora of the much coveted ladies cruisers!  Even another 24"er!!!  Of course, the three seed cruiser sold about 15 minuets after it was put out, but we have even more to build in the back! 
Thanks to all the folks for paying us a visit yesterday, having sent two rides to new homes.  Very gratifying, in the sense that one nice lady had been all but convinced by her husband that her discordination had all but spelled the demise of her desire to ride.  It only took a brief moment of looking at her current bike to determine her instability was merely a result of a poor choice of bicycles.  Being to tall for the meager 24" cruiser she had, I insisted she try the 26" we had.  She immediately noticed the difference, and in short order was adeptly navigating the parking lot, well at ease.  Glad we could help get her mojo back!
So today, once again directing my energies to the task at hand, have to bang out a couple more repairs, then it's back on new builds!! 
So, with that, see you soon!!
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $85.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!!
image 1

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