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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Even Ants Take Sundays Off!

Every morning I sit out front enjoying my morning coffee before engaging in the rigors of my vocation.  We have a little sitting area out there, two chairs and an Ikea side table donated by uncle Chippie.  Without fail, prior to placing my cup down, I have to tamp off the swarm of sugar ants busily lapping up the residue from drinks before.  However, I noticed an odd anomaly from times before where we opted to open up on the occasional Sunday.  Every other day of the week there are always several dozen little workers swarming about the table top, but every Sunday they are no where to be found!  So, with no expectation of my findings being published in "Scientific America" I otherwise choose to flex my own curiosity by staging an impromptu Myrmecological experiment.  Once I realized yesterday that in order to take the sting off the depressingly slow past few days, I would have to bite the bullet and come in today in hopes of raising some funds.  With this realization, I concocted the idea as an attempt to overcome the melancholy of once again loosing a day off.  Izzy was here yesterday, and as her pittance for visiting she garnished a couple of those high fructose sugary drinks pretending to have something to do with "real" fruit.  Once she finished one, prior to leaving for the evening I left the open container on the table.  Upon arriving this morning, I took my coffee out to the table and lo and ants! 
Are their "blue laws" in the insect world?  Is there an ant workers union that had fought and won the right to have Sundays off?  Can you imagine thousands of little ants with little picket signs marching on a small cadre of soldier ants in an attempt to bring their list of grievances to the Queen?
Or am I just really over thinking this?
Oh yes, wen I get bored my mind goes to some weird places!
Yesterday started off with a bang, from the get go, sending my expectations soaring,  We had a deluge of repairs grace our tiny shop and we dove in with renewed vigor!  Once completed, we remained coiled with excitement awaiting the next wave...which did not come, sadly.  Eventually, reflexes relaxing, we settled into the reluctant recent norm of sitting about trying to keep busy.  Eventually punting about cyberspace for something to occupy the time.  Around 4.30, almost napping, folks slowly started to filter back in, as a very nice young couple came in, falling in love with the comfort of the Cannondale Adventure 4, and giving it a new home.  Several looky loo's as well, and a trio of small fixers, thereby making the day not a total loss.
The day ended, unfortunately with me a mild bit irritated, having discovered that the handle bars on my own bike had somehow, mysteriously, been bent!  By "Mysteriously" I mean, sarcastically, that I knew how they had gotten bent!  Elijah, who has a terrible track record when it comes to bicycles, had used mine the night before running an errand to the store.  He and Kaleb had gone to the beach for the day and on the way there his bike got a flat.  Even though I am constantly mentioning they should free up some space in the back packs they religiously carry....everywhere, for a small set of tools and a spare tube or two, they apparently do not what to give up the spaces dedicated to a plethora of electronic devices, personal speakers, drink and food.  So be it.  He ended up using my ride to do an errand he didn't want to give up his lazy time to do.  When I got my bike out of the shed I should have known something may be amiss, as it was not placed in with the normal degree of care I would do, on it's kickstand, but rather had been seemingly "tossed" onto the other bikes, laying half on it's side and only one wheel!  Needless to say, I had to delay my return home as I had to hurriedly replace said bars. 
We will be adding the price of a new set to his already cumbersome tab!
So in conclusion....
Nah.  No morale to any of this, just going to get a mosey on and try and find something to work on!
See ya soon!


  1. Man, you are SO lucky your ants are union. The mosquitoes around Casa Loco (our house) are obviously working on commission twenty-four/seven.

    We go through a ton of mosquito repellant around here. (Well, I do.) I even sprayed one of the little boogers with it the other day. It didn't kill him, but he hated himself all afternoon.

    I'll be here all week.

    Tip yer server.

  2. Yea, Angela has the same issues. Whenever she's outside there is a can of Off firmly gripped in one hand. Oddly enough, I was blessed with a body chemistry that seems to be a naturally reoccurring repellent as I am NEVER bothered by or bitten by Mosquitoes!

  3. I've always hated you for that. (KIDDING!!!)

    Some guys are chick magnets, I'm a mossie magnet. In the garage, the little buggies seem to have a frear of heights, and only attack the bare legs. I tend to wear long jeans out there in the summer and shorts in the cooler winter.

    Four more months... Just four more months...