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Monday, July 14, 2014

Blurry Lines

Where to begin?
Sorry, have not been on here for a few days, just a lot going on.  Some things, of the personal kind, in transition and coping as best we can.  Don't know how much more I can comment on that at this time. 
Of course, no moment of stress is complete without the intervention of fate.  Friday, Kaleb went to acquire some parts for another BMX.  Unfortunately by the time he rode to where he was going the individual selling the items had sold them twenty minuets before he arrived, having not bothered to let Kaleb know. This, perhaps, was belaboring his mind and replaced attentiveness with anger and crossing the feeder on 1 19, he was struck by a car. Thankfully, he was not seriously injured but the impact threw him and he landed VERY hard, once again scarring his body in many places with serious road rash.  Once the EMT's and Police showed up, they checked him out and found no evidence of anything serious, and Kaleb refused to be brought to the hospital. Both Angela and I persisted to persuade him, but as he has a strong dislike for them, we just kept him clean and watched.  After a couple days of forced rest (he was up the next morning intent on repairing his bike) we had to relinquish his house down time.
Of course, there is always something.  No sooner do we get Suzanne, that somehow an orange and white cat has taken up residency on our porch.  Owen, feeling sorry for the feline, took it upon himself to feed her. Now, she arrives each evening like clockwork, looking for food and a vigorous petting.  Of course, this puts Suzanne in hyper attentive mode.  Thankfully she is not the kind to bark continuously but the constant back and forth clicking of her nails on the tile does grate on the nerves after awhile.  Such was the state of affairs last night.   Feeling a tad bit under the weather, I could hardly get comfortable for sleep. This of course only impeded Angi's hope of resting either.  It was when I finally started to drift off that Suzy (what the children have named the cat) started batting at the door, then began mewling.  This of course was met with the "click, click, click" of toenails.  It wasn't until 6.00 am that it finally ceased.  And once again, as I began to drift off (thankfully, Angela was some how able to drown it all out, and finally rest, though I don't know how) Kaleb started clanging around in his room around 6.30, gathering up the pieces of the two bikes he has scattered around the room, so as to ferry them to the shop and build his new ride (the Haro he bought just last week is now a pretzel) I chided him to lay off, and wait for a bit before he left, handed him the keys asking him to open up as both Angi and I REALLY needed some rest.  Of course, no sooner had I said that, did the girls start to stir and rise.  Getting them situated, we tried to lay back down, only to be continuously serenaded by the strains of cries, arguments and inevitably the TV up loud!  Proof positive of what Angela has always stated as to why she is so tired all the time!
We did manage to get  some work done over the last few days, although that was primarily to do with repairs.  One interesting piece we had come in, really looked rough when we got it, covered in grease, dust and hair.  But, as it was a freebie so that wasn't a problem.  Turns out, this road bike had occupied the dark recesses of a garage for a couple of decades until the owner, cleaning out said garage determined he'd never have a use for it again and was about to pitch it to the curb when an astute neighbor stepped in, told him about us, saying he should bring it in to see if we could use it.  Having done so, he asked for no remuneration but was just glad we felt it could live again.  Sure enough, this vintage Mercier with a complete compliment of vintage Campagnollo was WELL worth the rebuild!!  The paint has some issue, but the parts run smooth!  Check it out below.
Having arrived myself only this early afternoon, we have quite a bit of repairs piling up, so I had best get on to that, and will try to keep in better touch.
See ya soon.

Vintage Mercier le Velo Road Bike !!
ONLY $220 !!


  1. Ah, you do lead a charmed life, my friend... charmed... cursed... whatever. Congrats on the cat either way.

    I was at the shop way too early this morning and did see the Mercier. WOW. What an Old World Beauty! Someone is going to get a work of art there.

  2. Glad he is okay. Stay well. =)

  3. I saw Kaleb in the shop yesterday morning, and he was a bit of a hurtin' puppy, but otherwise fine. Kids bounce, don'tcha know.

    Words of wisdom for the bouncy kid:

    Pain is temporary,
    Glory is eternal,
    Chicks dig scars.