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Friday, August 1, 2014

Something NEW has been added!!!

What a week.  Ever have one of those string of days you come out the other end, dazed, confused and shell shocked?   But, as has been my motto for some time "Suck it up, and press on!" 
So that's what I am here to do!
Yesterday brought in several folks looking for the perfect ride and we sent two too new homes yesterday!  One of them being a really FUN sale!  See, I LOVE to see the expression on folks faces when they get the kind of service they do not expect when going into a bike shop. Had a couple come in yesterday, who have been in a few times before to see if we had a ride in that they BOTH could USE.  Here's the dilemma.  He is about 6'2" and she about 5'4".  A hard fit.  She needed a low step over, but he needed something "not to girly"  They looked at three of the rides we had here.  The Raleigh hybrid, the Diamondback Outlook and the Nishiki.  They were having a difficult time deciding, as he liked the Diamondback but it was a tad bit to tall for her.  Eventually they gave up trying to choose and asked my opinion.  They were visibly shocked, when I weighed the options and pointed them to the Nishiki, the least expensive one of the three!  It was low enough for her to get over and sit comfortable, but had a high enough handlebar position, and a long enough seat post for his height, and even though the frame was a girls, it was black, a decidedly masculine color.  They left some VERY happy campers! 
Also started something NEW yesterday!  We have had a LOT of folks coming in over the last few weeks looking for cheapie cheap rides.  I mean, cheaper then a DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!  SO, in response, whenever possible we will be producing AS IS SPECIALS!!!  These are bikes, while not the prettiest ones around, are mechanically sound.  And the best part of is, they will ALL be UNDER $60.00!!!!!!  Now, here's the trade off, AS IS means just that, NO warranty applies. Yes, there is always a catch!  So check the two below, as prime examples!
Today, with all repairs up to date, going to dig through the bone yard for some goodies to work on.  Hope you all have a great day, and we will see you soon!!!

image 1
ONLY $55.00!!
image 1
ONLY $25.00!!!!!

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