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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pressing ON!

OK, so I was NOT at full steam yesterday! Please don't think ill of me!  It took me a while to get up the gumption to do anything as I was feeling all kinds of lazy!  I got out of my shell after a little bit and although I tended to meander about, seemingly without direction, I managed to put out two newbies!!  The first is a real sweet deal!  A FULLY re-furbed AND upgraded ladies Nishiki MTB.  She took a lot of work, but was worth it and as we got it cheap, we are selling it cheap!  The second is every ones favorite another "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!!"  She's a well running Schwinn Ranger 26" MTB, but possesses just enough chinks in the paint to demote her from full status.  But if you're looking for a solid ride you can't beat this price!
Yesterday sent an assortment of Looky Loo's our way with a swell of interesting questions and some fun, light conversations. Always love smooshing with folk!  I love the interest some have in what we do, and their willingness to continue returning while looking for just the right ride to fit their whims!  Thankfully, for the most part, we eventually find one for 'em!  Several folks are 90% there on the Giant Innova Cross we have, I don't foresee that one lasting the day!
Having picked up even more goodies yesterday, we will be hoping to pound out even more then yesterday (I think I got my wind back), as I have to wait on a couple of the customer rebuilds until the parts come in! 
Last night found Angela and I really feeling all the walking around we did on Sunday.  As she is recovering very well from the ink (hardly any signs of redness!) but still wanting some reclining time, we relinquished control of the big TV to the older boys, rotting what little brain cells they have left playing video games, and we retired to the bedroom to watch "The Murder Show".  No, not the real tittle, just a reference to any one of a number of "true crime" reenactment shows.  As we laid there, I was apparently not long for the world and passed out very quickly. 
Thus, having been woken at five am by Suzanne needing to go out, I was not all that delirious when I went back to bed.  By six am I realized I was not going to fully go back to sleep, so I got up and quietly puttered about the house. 
We did however, on a whim, decide that it was past time for my traditional "summer time" shave!  Gone is the scruffy "woodsman" look, having been replace with the more streamline version.  Check out the rare selfie below!
All right, with that self indulging close, I'd best get to it! 
See ya soon! 

ONLY $75.00!!
ONLY $115.00!!!

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