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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Changing Tides.

I really dislike this time of year.
When the encroaching heat stymies all activity and the persistent rain sounds the death knell of all productivity.  The lessons I try and teach my children on how to survive in life can boil down to one sentence "No matter how you feel, or what mood you are in time never slows or ceases".  Sadly, it is a lesson that only reaffirms itself, constantly!  This month is case in point.  Obviously, when the weather gets too bad to ride, there is little we have to do.  The end result is tighten belts.  Not that we haven't been there before, oh heavens no, but it never fails that when business is at it's slowest, the bills are at their highest.  However, there are shining moments at times of stress, ones that strengthen my resolve that Angi and I haven't done such a bad job in raising our kids.  Elijah, hearing Angi and my whispered concerns over the state of affairs, came forward and offered to commit the entirety of his next check in order to help us catch up.  Now, I  swore to myself a long time ago I would never ask my children for financial help, but reality precludes me from sticking to my guns on this one.  That's the one thing I have always loved about our kids, they never cease to surprise me! 
Honestly, I was never so noble as he when I was his age.  To expose a sad family secret, when I was around thirteen, I had a job, and used the money on my own indulgences.  I'd been saving for a comic book.  Daredevil #1.  I had saved all but twenty of the necessary $150.00 when my mother approached me to help pay the light bill which was at risk of being shut off.  These were bad times for us.  My parents recently divorced, her with the thankless task of raising both my sister and I, and having just recently found employment herself.  I (much to my retrospective shame) refused.  Thinking that my needs trumped what I perceived as hers (I was far to stupid to realize that should the lights be turned off I would suffer as well).  She persisted and eventually I reluctantly relented, but not without some misguided statements as to the inequity of it all.  Hence my evolved opinion of not asking my kids for help.  No, not because I felt shafted by my mother, but because I never wanted my children to feel responsible for my obligations.  Times then were different for my Mother, and in hindsight, she probably lamented over the necessity of asking me as well.  I just couldn't see it through the haze of teenage arrogance.  As I said, we are blessed to have kids that can look beyond that.
Even though the tide may be at low ebb, we did manage to keep busy yesterday, having a few repairs come in and put out two new goodies!  One of them is WAY sweet!  A 1995(?) GT Pro-Series 24" BMX cro-moly Cruiser!  SAH-WEEEET!  Check these out on Ebay, they range in price from $300-1500.00!!!!  This one is all original except for a replacement seat and seat clamp!  NIIIICE!!  Also, one of the fan favorites, another "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!!" (WHOOPS!  Scratch that!  Just sold it!)
Hmmm.  Might just turn out to be a good day after all!  Also had two gents come in, hungrily swarming over the videos, having bought 40 of them!  SWEET!
Alright, best get at the repairs and put on something funny to watch and wain my woes!
See ya soon!

1995 (?) GT Pro-Series 24" BMX Cruiser!
ONLY $300.00!!!

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