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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Sometimes a mischievous little Imp crawls up my brain and I find a situation ripe for raising a little bit of titillating controversy.  I'm a glutton for punishment that way.  Trouble is, Angi knows me FAR to well at this point so I don't get the same rise I used to get.  Last night, after dinner and the girls bath I was sitting in the living room dressing them in their PJ's and getting them settled down for bed.  Izzy was doing her usual squirmmies, so as I wrestled the nightgown on, I tussled her hair.  While straightening it out, I stated "but honey, you have to keep looking good so some day you can land a husband, because no woman is complete without a good husband!"
And I waited.
Angi just calmly turned and gave me "that" stare, and simply stated "don't listen to your father".  Drat!  Missed again!  She did get me back this morning though with the comment, "I'm going to make sure they know to marry for money!"
Touch√©'.  Your score, dear!
Last night (or rather early this morning) Suzanne proved she is a good watch dog.
As the Storm clouds moved in last night, heavily, Elijah called to let us know he was going to hold off after work and go see a movie and give it time to clear up.  Of course, Angi and I were not waiting up so we told him he had to find another way in.  They have there ways, usually a knock on the boys window to wake someone to let them in.  Well, he apparently rolled in around 2 am, and with less then silent grace.  Suzanne, sensing an intruder, alerted us with growls and barks.  "I'm up!" and once this was acknowledged the barking ceased and she led the way out into the house, covering me, to investigate the intruder.  Once she was certain all was well, we went back to bed. 
Later, around 6 AM, Kaleb, who has gotten into the habit of coming into the shop WAY early, was less then quite himself.  Again, the barked warning, the investigation and the back to bed.  Although all the excitement left her a little on edge and she had to cuddle in next to me, and given her posture, I got the comforting feeling she was doing it to protect us.
She's a very good dog!
On the work front!
Lessons in timing and a cautionary tale of "calling ahead".  We had a Cannondale MTB in here for about a week and a half (LONG time for a Cannondale) and had just re posted it yesterday.  Almost immediately we had three calls.  Then, an hour later a VERY excited gent came in and snagged it up!  I mean, you don't find a Cannondale for $110.00 every day, you know?  Well, shortly after that, we had two more folks come in to buy it,  only to be disappointed it was no longer here!  One of the gentleman was very understanding and left with the promise he'd keep watching the Blog, but the other was a little less so.  Seems he HAD called about it, but had done so around 9.30 am, but waited until five to come in.  Had he told us he wanted to buy it, we could have taken a credit card over the phone and reserved it for him.  Sadly, some folks seem to be under the impression that when I use the term "quick turnover" I'm merely indulging in high pressure sales.  Nope.  Just being up front!
We also managed to send home another five aside from that one, so once again we are looking for MORE goodies!  We did manage to pick up TWO MORE Cannondales yesterday!  as well as a bevy of scrap bikes.  Folks cleaning out there sheds, yards and what have you!  Granted, the majority needed A LOT of work, but they were donations so the work is welcome!
Funny observation.  The other day we picked up another collection of movies and as I was sorting them I realized I had acquired a copy each of Back to the Future 2 and 3.  Oddly enough, the only one of the trilogy I had left was the first one.  SO, in a fit of nostalgia, we set out for a marathon as we worked.  What really struck me as odd was it having been so long since I sat down to watch them, as we were working on #2, when Marty and Doc go into his future 30's in the year 2015!
That's NEXT YEAR!!
I couldn't help but laugh at the writers over zealous expectations of just how advanced we would actually be!  Nope.  No flying cars, no hover boards, no bionic implants, no re-hydrators, no self drying clothes or self lacing shoes and the "Smart Home" they lived in gave you the impression that it had been "old and out of date" for some time! I couldn't help but laugh at the irony, that the scenes from 1985 were far closer to our current day reality then their view of the future!
I still want a flying car though!
I'd best get at it, as there are A LOT of parts to put away!
See y'all soon!
Oh...yes, we did put three newbies out....but they all sold.  Sorry.  No pic's!

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  1. Well, let's see... Fantasy of Flight, the air museum that was out on I-4, did have a real, functional flying car in their collection. It was way cool. I crossed the English Channel on the Princess Margaret, the world's biggest hoverboard, at about 60 mph. It was awesome. And, for the record, I AM the bionic hobbit. Self-tying laces? That would be Velcro.

    The future is here, it just looks an awful lot like the present.