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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Crusier Craze!

Again with the whole "morning after"!  Last night was a wonderful evening of smooth bed time transition for the kiddos, and an early evening retirement.  The older boys, having enjoyed of late, more then their fair share of "free time", were put on impromptu "help out or suffer the consequences" lock down.  In an attempt to reward them for having stayed out of trouble, and being helpful in the past, they have been allowed to, pretty much, "blow and go" of their own accord.  WITH the proviso, they respect and appreciate the privilege.  Unfortunately, as is too often the case with children, they quickly took it for granted and began to "expect" it.  Gone were the "may I please" and "thank you" quickly replaced with "I'm going to" and gruff and grumbling in the face of expected chores.   So when it came time for their usual evening frivolity, they were curtly directed to help up with clean up, retire to their rooms early, and Kaleb was instructed for the next two days, he would be spending them at the shop, working.  The stare of incredulity betrayed his bewilderment as to the severity of this restriction, to which I immediately explained my reasoning for.  Simply put, freedom is extended only when it is appreciated and requested.  Hopefully the two days of lock down will remind him to ask his Mothers permission, not tell her what he is going to do.
Having put everyone to bed, the house relatively quiet, Angela and I were allowed the luxury of some peaceful alone time.
And then I had to get up and once more greet the new day! 
SOOOOOO, I'm going to make the day fly by today by working my little fanny off to get out some more rides!  Managed to put out only two yesterday, sadly enough.  One of them, truth be told, didn't even require any work!  That one is a GORGEOUS three wheeled Schwinn Meridian.  Last years model, it is still in excellent shape, and ready for the road!  The other, part of the trailer full we got this past weekend, is a ladies cruiser!  She took A LOT of work to get up and running, but the end result was well worth the effort!  I also have one of the rare and elusive ladies 3 speed cruisers, in my rack as we speak, having been close to 90% done last night!  Light weight aluminum, she is quite the looker, but again took much effort to get that way!
Once I finish her up, I have to side track for a wee bit, though and get through a few repairs, then back to the good stuff!!
So, with that, I best get my keister in gear and put out! 
See ya soon! 
ONLY $255.00!!

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