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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Battin' A Thousand!

Well, I feel all kinds of a $#!+!!!
Sad reality is, as Angi and I tell our kids all the time "it takes a while to earn someones trust but only a second to loose it!"
So even though the events of this morning are morosely justified, I feel like a real turd none the less!  Part of my morning routine on the computer is to check the status of our accounts.  As we have had issues in the past, considering how much we do online, with unauthorized deductions, we like to nip it in the bud quickly if we find it.  Yesterday, I put cash in the bank and Kaleb made the run.  When I opened up the account it was not there.  With our bank, regardless of when in the day you make it, the credit is immediate.  Then the mind started to fill in the blanks.  First, Kaleb has been coveting a bike he wants to buy, and has been hoarding money accordingly.  His past, when it comes to family cash, is....shady at best.  And to top it off, I realized he had never given me the deposit slip.
Yes, Anger took over and my mind made the leap.  When he got into the shop, I pounced, until he was in tears.  He kept swearing up and down that he DID deposit it.  I did not believe him...vigorously.  Again, in the past he had lied repeatedly at moments like this only to eventually realize he didn't have a leg to stand on, and would then confess.  This time though he held out and insisted I was wrong and he would prove it.  Then going to the bank he returned with a deposit slip dated for today.  Still, I did not believe, but rather insisted he realized he was caught and just deposited it today.  Reticent, he declared I needed to call and confirm.  Sure of myself in exposing his ruse I did just that.
Only to have the teller confirm that, yes, in fact he did deposit the money yesterday but due to her negligence she entered in one digit wrong and deposited it into someone else's account.
At this point all the blood drained out of me.
I felt like a complete and utter schmuck.
My apology was heartfelt yet tinged with a tale of morality, as to that which his mother and I had always warned him about his past actions having repercussions on the future, but in truth, I think that was more for my own benefit.  An attempt to lessen my own feelings of guilt for not having given him the benefit of the doubt.
Yes.  I'm a Schmuck!
Going to get off that for now.
Thanks to all the folks for gracing us with their presence yesterday.  Sent the OLD SCHOOL Mongoose BMX to a new home yesterday after A LOT of wheeling and dealing!  Also picked up, then sold, a real sweet looking ladies Mongoose comfort cruiser in about ten minuets.  Literally.  The gent who dropped it off on consignment was pulling out of the parking lot when the buyer came in and saw it!   Sadly though, that was the only newbie we got in!  The remainder of the day was briefly dedicated to repairs, then pretty much online Scrabble and an unexpected, yet brief nap! The rain came in...wahoo! 
Today...well, still waiting for something to work on so I will be dedicating time to update EBay! 
See ya all soon! 

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  1. Steven-

    I'm not sure if this will make Kaleb feel better or worse, but: When I met him in the mall this afternoon, we stepped out of the walkway to talk. As he showed me the hub that needed some work, what he did NOT see were the two exceptionally lovely young blondes sitting right there, keeping four very close eyes on him. All smiles.

    If I didn't already have one of my own, I'd be jealous.