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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shivery Is Not Dead, It Merely Remains Dormant Until Times of Battle.

My Mother had a wonderful saying that I first heard at a tender young age but have retained as a strong life lesson, "Only family F%&!s with family!"
No truer words were ever spoken.
Well this sentiment was made blatently clear Monday afternoon.  For the last couple of years as the little guys walk home from school there is another brood of kids that walk the same route, and apparently the back and forth of name calling, stick throwing and out and out brawls has caused us to frequently have interventions, school meetings, laborious lectures, and constant monitoring.  As a result all has been quiet on the western front.
 Until Monday.
Returning from school, they apparently had a run in, one that left little Rozy in tears at the names and insults they were tossing across the street.  They all came up to the shop to inform me of the injustice. 
As anyone who has read my blog will know, our 9 year old, Owen is....high spirited, but with a VERY big heart and a strong sense of right and wrong.  He also would have made an EXCELLENT Spartan warrior.  As I crouched comforting Rozy he stomped passed me with great purpose and I was vaugley aware of him rusteling through my tool chest in the back, and was only partially aware of him stalking past me to exit the door.  It was as he passed the threshold that I glanced up and noticed he was holding something quite large in a tightly clenched fist.  It was this little peace maker...

Obviously I quickly intercepted his departure, and questioned his motives.  His response through clenched teeth made his intentions VERY clear.
"NO ONE makes my baby sister cry!"
Now, am I bad...  am I wrong to feel a swell of pride at this?
Now obviously I retrieved the pry bar and lectures him on restraint but it's times like this I am reminded that even though they may constantly engage in minute spats, and cantankerous needling I need NEVER worry about the strong family bond these children have for one another.
My mothers edict remains strong and true!
On to work.
Finally have gotten back into the swing of re-builds!  After getting caught up with repairs (we Thank you all so VERY much for your continued patronage and trust) as several more came in in the last two days.  Put out two more yesterday with a third three quarters the way done in my rack.  Another sweet BMX, this years model Mongoose Hoop 'D, an unwanted Christmas gift, and a real trick "Panama Jack" cruiser, complete with new tires!  SWEET!
So it is with that that I jump back to work and get more goodies out!

See ya'll real soon!

ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $55.00!!

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