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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OK KIDDIES! Time For Another Old Fart Rant!!!

Perhaps is just that some folks need to feel an unwarranted sense of importance.  Or they have fallen prey to their own propaganda, or maybe they just weren't breast fed as a baby but the utterly unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape of some organizations is STAGGERING!!!
Case in point.  In the twilight of our remodeling i found my self in need of a quantity of storage bins.  Heavy duty plastic warehouse storage bins.  Thanks to our buddy Chip we obtained about a dozen 16X10X6 bins that are PERFECT for our needs.  However, I needed more.  So perusing through the Internet I came across a used warehouse supply in upstate New York (can't find any locally) that offered the exact same bin. PERFECT!
Well here's where it gets frustrating!
After realizing the web site has no prices I am directed to ask for a quote.  Which doesn't work.  So I call the number.  Go through the obligatory phone mail transfer to be placed on hold by an "executive assistant".  then I get John, tell him the item I'm interested in, he asks the CID # .  CID?  There is NO number under the item.  He takes down my info and says "Do you want me to email or fax you a quote?  Whats wrong with just telling me? ANYWAY! I say e-mail, and wait.  3 hours later the quote comes in. 
5 PAGES!?! 
Well, as it turns out my computer cannot translate the JPEG!!
After 15 minutes of frustration I revert to the old stand by.  CALL!
The obligatory transfer.
On hold.
Hung up on.
Call back.
Obligatory transfer(s).
On Hold.
Executive assistant.
STOP!!!!  I am aging rapidly at this point! 
John is not available, may we FAX you the quote?
How 'bout this LADY?!  Why not just TELL me how much the FRICKIN' THINGS COST!?!?!
There's a pause as Denise seems stumped.  Confused, almost flustered by this COMPLETELY alien proposal.  I hear the frantic rustling of pages accompanied by laborious annoyed breathing.
After what seemed an eternal pause she uttered the simple phrase "They're $5,99 a piece"
Wow.  Almost 4 hours of effort for 8 syllables.
I honestly think I heard her brain start to melt when I asked "how much is shipping?"
I'll have to call John about that.

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