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Monday, February 20, 2012


Got the call from poor Daniel today.  He returned the rental van this morning and got held up and late for work due to the damage to the front end when we had our unfortunate run in (pun intended) with the poultry.  Their gonna zap him with re-pairs and as it's under the deductible, it's out of pocket.  Yay!  So we have that to look forward too.  I should have listened to Elijah and have Seth Greene turn it into a Robot Chicken so I could train  it to work and make up for the COST! 
Did anyone get the number of that truck?  Today has been a blissful blitzkrieg of bikes!  Had the goodies left on my doorstep this morning then had another gent drop off another truckload an hour later.  Plus a few more bought as well.  Also a special shout out to all the folks trusting us once again with their re-pairs as those are piling up as well.  Basically leaving my walk space more of a CLIMB space...

Yep, that's just from today, NOT including the six outside and the 8 hidden behind the counter!  Again, WOOF I say!  But NO WORRIES!  We are blessed to be busy and should have it all cleaned up and done before the end of tomorrow!
Thanks to the couple for coming in earlier and falling in love with the twin Suedes.  They rode and enjoyed the feel, but opted to think about it.  Good thing they didn't think to long.  Steve came into pick up his Raleigh but saw the Suede's, as HE ponder between one of those and the Gravity I'd JUST put out, they returned and quickly gobbled them up.  No harm no foul though, as it turns out he liked the Gravity even better and took that home.  Once again leaving me strapped for Stock.  but AGAIN no worries!  Have MANY,MANY,MANY to choose from! And am working on a SWEET Del Sol as we speak.  SO without further ado, I'd best spend the last few minutes on that as today is....
yay!  Yes, it's true folks a woman ACTUALLY stuck with ME for 20 years!  Boggles the mind, Hunh?
So, have a great evening and we'll yak later!
ONLY $165.00!!!


  1. 20 years. Wow. Hell I haven't seen you that long and I still think you're a pain in the butt! Hahaha JK Congrats to you both and God bless Angela!

  2. of course shes blessed...she has ME!