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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Downsizing My Rant's

First before I get to enthralled with my latest rant I have to thank my editor, uncle Chip for pointing out my total lack of geological knowledge.  Yesterdays blog had me placed in New Port Richey when my family and I were in fact in Tarpon Springs.  Heh, would thought the BIG sign that said Tarpon Springs as we entered should have clued me in!
thank you Chip for pointing that out.
OK, on to more tyrannical topics.
For the last few weeks a gentleman has been checking in at the store peddling his office supply wares.  Well tenacity is the mother of invention and eventually I gave in and leafing through the catalog tried to come up with something we may need.  As it turns out the only thing I really thought I needed was ink cartridges for the copier.  As he looked at the machine and some of our recent copies he pointed out it was the toner that needed changing.  Now I am NO Einstein when it comes to these things so I acquiesced to his expertise and ordered.  After which I was informed that it would arrive today.
It did.
Upon opening the package I was somewhat intimidated by this rather cumbersome contraption but with a determined chin set upon the task of loading it into the copier.
An easier task said then done.
UNFORTUNATELY there were NO directions.  Neither on the box, package in the package or on the machine. 
Undaunted I called the 1-800 number on the invoice and was treated to some lovely electronic "on hold" musical selections.  Eventually the dulcet tones of a human arrived on the other end and was all to happy to inform me that they couldn't help.  They could however supply me with the 1-800 number for Hewlett Packard technical support.
Well 11 digits later I was whisked away to an exotic foreign shore, and through straining ears tried diligently to interpret the choppy mangled English I'm sure this person has been trying very hard to master but still comes up just a LITTLE bit short.  Thankfully I was given three opportunities to try my hand at disiferring three similarly strained accents as they had to transfer me through THREE departments.  But as all blessings are, it was short lived, as in the end THEY COULDN'T HELP!
I mean I would have only otherwise wasted this blissful 45 minutes on worthless, meaningless efforts, such as WORK!  I couldn't think of a better way to spend my afternoon.
As much as I was enjoying all this phone time, though I opted to re-wrap the high-tech plastic back in its myriad of wrappings and packages and call the first company and tell them just where they could "Ship It".
Managed to put out four newbies today! YAY!! One sold a few minutes after going out, though.  BUT we're getting back up to snuff.  Will be doing the same mad push tomorrow as I have a Trek 800 stripped and cleaned and ready for re-build first thing!  So keep an eye on these pages and I'll catch ya in the morn!
7-speed 20" MTB
only $45.00


ONLY $45.00!!

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