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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Interesting Anology, Doctor. Seeing as a Stallion MUST be broken in order to reach it's full potential.

Yep, it's official.  I'm a wuss.
When Angela and I first started having kids I was much more steadfast (bull headed) in my world views (narcissistic BS).  After a little while in each child's life i determined when sufficient time had past to make it mandatory for them to go to bed at night.  Initially with the first few kids I had to sit on Angela from "rescuing" them.  Some of them adapted easily and within a few days were leading US to bed at the appointed time.   Some were a little harder.  Rozy was simple, a day or two of mild fussing at around a year and a half, and she'd pass out on cue, some nights having to carry her to bed should she be up past nine.  So now as Izzy has struck the year and a half mark (and a little more) I decided last night that after three days of momma staying up till way past 2am in order to entertain her enough was enough.  At 9 when the rest of the kiddos were going to bed she was going with. 
I never knew such loud noises could come from such a small package.
After Rozy vacate the room, to hide her bed beneath her brothers spare pillows, and we reassured all the other kids that we weren't killing her, mom and dad sat pensively in the living room, feeling akin to Dr Mengalas assistant (the one with the guilty conscience).
After 10  Minutes I broke.
Once she started wailing "Dada!" I felt an icy hand grip my intestines and "RRRRIP"!!  Rushing to her Mommy and Daddy lifted up a red faced quivering mass and held her for all we were worth.  Several peanut butter cookies and milk later she nestled betwixt us on the couch, as we cooed and coddled her until she fell asleep, willingly around 11.
We are now ASSUREDLY aware of who rules THIS roost.
All I can say is if this is any indicator of what I'm going to be like in my Twilight, my grand kids are going to be SO spoiled!
On to work!


1: Many a blessed re-pair came through our door (thank you!)
2: Many needed BUYS came through out door (thank you)
3: Many a customer with inquisitive, thought provoking inquiries.
4: Parts for Louis's 2 three wheeler full re-build, re-paints came in (before and after pics tomorrow!
5: Parts for Steve's Raleigh re-build came in yesterday.
6: Parts for Susan's Fuji came in yesterday.
I did manage to get out one though.  A simple 10 speed MTB "Daily Banger Special"
Today probably won't be much different either for the above mentioned reasons.  Each one of these projects HAS to be done before Saturday as i won't be here, and I don''t won't these poor folks to have to wait until next week.  So with that, I bid you all a good day!
ONLY $55.00!!!

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