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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three Generations Of Testosterone

Well today has brought us that much closer to completion of the renovations.  Only One thing left and finishing the decorations (which will probably be an ongoing transformation) and we'll be done!  My dad came back down to help with the parts rack along with Elijah, who has become quiet involved with his building construction class.  It's really heart warming (not to mention relieving) to see him involved and interested in the trade.  With a slight bit of trepidation and my fathers guidance he showed us his acumen on the power tools (skill saw and miter saw) and I'm proud to say he still has all his digits! Like any beginner craftsman he has a little work to do on measuring his cuts (it's not me, the wood is warped!) but all in all he did a superb job!  And it was a real treat for me to see him working with his grandad.  This family has 6 generations (and maybe more) of sawdust in their blood, and it's hard to resist the calling.  I will say for him, he discovered the love it on his own.  Yes, we're putting in showroom access to our myriad of parts selection for easy pickings.  Hope to have the bins filled with re-furbed parts before the middle of next week, then it's on to sorting and categorizing all the little bearings and bolts (YAY!  No more fishing for what the customers need!)
Thanks to every one coming in to visit today too!  Even though Angie, all the kiddo's and grandad and grandma were there, you could hardly move!  Thanks as well for the bevy of repairs as well!.  As is now the norm, stuff just doesn't sit on the floor to long to the point of being sold right off the repair stand!  Started work on a Raleigh Hybrid and no sooner did i have it stripped down then Steve came in from Bay Shore and put his name on it.  Also sold the little 20" 7 speed to Dawn, a returning customer.  Our "wish list" is filling up right quick as well!  No fears.  We hope to fill them within the next two weeks. Did manage to put one out today, though.  A SWEET looking old school Trek 800 Antelope MTB, 21 speed.  A great light weight ride if you don;t mind the original Bio-Pace chain ring.  Takes a little getting used to.  After the Raleigh's done I have to sweeties already prepped and ready.  A nice looking men's Schwinn Ranger and an even nicer looking Diamondback, later model.  Didn't even remember that i had them stashed in the backroom until we "accidentally" cleaned it out today! 
So with that, I best be getting to bed!  Busy day tomorrow!


ONLY $135.00!!!


  1. Okay, honest to God; as someone who hasn't seen you in, what? 30 years? seeing that picture of your son was surreal. He looks JUST like you when you were a teenager. Freaky.

  2. what's REALLY scary is he is my emotional and tempremental doppelgangger! Now I know why my mother tried so hard to bump me off shen I was a teenager!