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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

He's WHERE!!!!!

Special SHOUT OUT to my sis!  Just got word via Facebook, that i am DEFINITELY in the wrong place at the wrong time!  It's finally happened in my lifetime!  A major motion picture is being filmed in the Mostest Bestus town in the U.S. of A!  My hometown, the prettiest little New England town Exeter, NH!!!  not only that BUT it is a film being directed by JOSS WHEDON!!!!!!!!
Filming started YESTERDAY!  CRAP!  They were casting for extras AND I MISSED IT!!
For those not in the know, Joss Whedon is the one responsible for bringing us Buffy, Angel, the new Avengers movie and most importantly....FIREFLY!!
DEFINITELY will be at the theatre for this one preview, "In Your Eye's"


  1. Firefly was great. Caught a few Buffies back in the day too and have to say that was pretty decent TV back then.

  2. Ain't THAT the truth! Funny though, I am, as anyone can see, a MAJOR Spin Doctor and advocate of Firefly! By FAR one of the BEST ensemble shows, Sci-Fi shows, Westerns, Action, Drama, name it, EVER! There has not been ONE person I have turned onto that show that has come back and said "Enh? not my cup of tea!" Quite the opposite! Most folks after watching one show, Marathon the whole series! Then go out and pick up a copy of Serenity. Then they come back and ask "where are the other episodes?" I then have to impart on them the sad news that Fox in their ultimate programming wisdom, canned the show.
    It's a hard bitter pill for some to swallow.
    Way to go Fox! How about another Married With Children to really ramp up the entertainment level!