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Friday, February 24, 2012

Izzy Strikes Back!

After a bewildering 6 hours I was dreaming of Bikini Bottom, and Jelly Fish having just digested back to back episodes of Spongebob....until 6.30 this morning!  Yes, our little Izzy, in the throes of teething, got sick around 12.30, just as mom and dad were going to sleep.  As Momma took the last late night, against her wishes I made her go to bed thinking "How long could she stay up?"
Apparently quite a while!  As i tried DESPERATELY to stay awake, while trying to coo her to sleep, she expressed her desire NOT to, and more devastating make sure I didn't by a variety of means.  Poking my eye's should I close them.  Smacking my face should my breath go shallow.  Or the occasional kick to the groin for good measure.  Apparently she doesn't like to stay awake alone!  Finally she gave in and i was (thanks to Momma for letting me do so and Elijah for opening up the shop) able to get a few hours sleep before coming in.  So sorry if I may seem a tad bit dysfunctional today!
Upon arrival I was met with today's wave of repairs, spilling out profusely into the showroom floor So I will begin with all the gusto i can muster to get them done, as I STILL have many newbies to build, not to mention finishing up the two three wheelers I had to put on the back burner while waiting on part!
So with that, adieu!

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