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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Last night was the release of the latest twilight saga installment on DVD.  Walmart was throwing a "Release Party" as the movie became available at Midnight.  Yes you guessed it, My lovely wife, being a devout "Twi-hard" was there with bells on.  Our second Eldest Elijah went with to offer moral support (and to keep her from getting bumped in the rush).  They arrived at 10 pm to get a prime spot at the head of the line. They were third in what was described as a LARGE line of dutiful fans ranging in age from 7 to 70.  The gentleman in front of my wife was described as  "easily in his 70's" and when she matter-of-factly stated "You can't be here for the DVD release?" he smiled and said "Nope! Blue Ray!"  This gave her a chuckle. 
And where was I during this festive occasion?  Well not wanting to leave the other children at the house that late at night with only their older brother, I opted for a quiet night of peace, tranquility and reflection.  After such a busy, busy week i thought it prudent to take some time to quietly reflect on all that has transpired, a carefully orchestrated "think tank" in order to formulate a more organized "plan of action" for the weeks to come.
Ya got me.
I turned on Netflix, called up a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 mini marathon and played Dominoes on PoGo. and spoiled myself!
on to today.
I stayed a little later last night and got close to complete on all the repairs as I REALLY want to get to work on all the goodies we've got in over the last couple of weeks!
Here's hoping!  hope to see ya all REAL soon!

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