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Thursday, February 2, 2012

In His Off Season....

WOW!  Thanks to all for another satisfyingly BUSY day!  Only managed to get one new one out though as I was wrapped up in re-pairs again!  But that's NO problemo!  Love it when you all give purpose to my otherwise meaningless life!  And a special thanks to all the great folks coming in and brightening my day not to mention re-enforcing my belief that there is still allot of good in this world.  A wonderful lady came in, after finding out that some scumbag had stolen the beloved bicycle of her young neighbor she came down to buy him a replacement on her own dime!  VERY sweet!  The  Earth needs more folks like her.  Thanks to the fine gent bearing gifts, upon bringing in a wheel for re-pair he responded to my posted plea for donations of bike pictures to brighten up our barren walls with a small collection of photographs from the bike mounted soldiers from WW!  They were quickly framed and given a prime viewing spot on our ever expanding collections of photos and chotzskys!  Come in and check out the tin toy elephant on a bike and Elliot and E.T on his BMX.   MINT ON CARD!!
And got a REAL treat as on hiatus from his big 24 hour a year job, the MAN himself winged all the way down from the North Pole to visit US when he heard we dealt in used parts!  Seems he's pimpin' out his sleigh and needy a few goodies for upgrades!  YEP, Santa Clause himself popped in for a Merry Visit and a hearty Ho, Ho, Ho !!  had a great chat and he promised I've been a VERY good boy this year!
Don't believe me?!?!   Well in an unprecedented move he allowed me to take a rare picture, an honor only bestowed on a scant view lucky ones!
Bet you believe in him now, hunh?
And he said enough with the cheesy store bought cookies.
Think "Toll house".
Well The gem finished up today is a super clean "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL", 18 speeds of pure re-furbished power!  Managed to get the old school Schwinn Clear Creek about 70% done and will finish up in the am.
Speaking of which, I'm pooped.
Good night!
ONLY $65.00!!


  1. Any plans of opening a store in st. Pete.? We need you here so much.

  2. WOW!
    I am SO flattered!! You have NO idea! To be honest there was a time we considered just such a move (not actually MOVE but a second locale) We were in negotiations with a gent about a year and a half ago to supply him with bikes, but the challenges were to great.
    First off, we are currently a one man ioperations of sorts. Angi helps when she can, but has her hands full most of the time at the house. Also, we don't drive. Sold our van 7 years ago and have been relying on bus and bike to get around ever since. So if we ever had to travel there it would take half the day. If we were to hire someone to run the place, inevitably whoever that person was they would want to do things THEIR way, and as I'm sure you can understand we are VERY protective of our name and our policies. As I'm sure you have expireienced with some other shops it's the allmighty dollar that runs the show. Customer service and more importantly customer satisfaction takes a back seat on THAT bus.
    We can't and WON'T be a part of that! As an example the gentleman we were working with decided to go it alone, I'm not sure if he's stilla round, but last I heard he was selling his bikes (not serviced) for three times what we do, and offered NO warranty.
    In the end, though My family and I lived in Saint Pete for over three years and I LOVED the scene! There's alot of culture there and the bikeing crowd are SO cool!! Who knows? Perhaps some day we'll find a bloke willing to tow the RE-Cycle line and posesses integrity we can put faith in.
    Would SURE be nice!