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Monday, February 20, 2012

Who gave That Kid Coffee!?!

To any and all who came by this morning to find us closed, I apologize PROFUSELY!  For some unknown reason Izzy would NOT go to sleep last night!  In a vain attempt to assist Momma, I put her to bed and attempted to lull the little one to sleep to no avail.  By 2.30 am Angie was back up to rescue me.  I stuck it out until 3.30am stubbornly, but couldn't go anymore.  poor Momma was up until a little after 5 am.  Needless to say the house was higgley piggley this morning and Elijah, having not gone to sleep until late either missed his wake up call and I found him asleep in bed at 7 am.  He offered to take the kiddos to school so I could get a few more minutes.  Well that was my downfall as I fell back asleep and didn't wake up until 10.30!!!  SORRY, SORRY, SORRY!!!  It has been A LONG time since I screwed up so bad!  As we speak I am pumping a copious amount of caffeine into my system and will hopefully be able to function shortly as I have SO much to work on!  Speaking of which, when I  finally got to the shop this morning I found a pile O' bikes in front of the door with a "For Donations" sign pinned to it!  Thanks to whomever left the goodies! 
So I'm gonna fuel up, pop in the DVD collection of MST3000 I got as a prize at the convention and go to town!  Hopefully will have a bevy of treats to show off this evening! 
Again SO SORRY for any inconvenience my nap may have caused!

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