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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just A Thought.....

It's true that there are times when perhaps the words you are saying, although clear and concise to your own mind are perhaps lost on others.  But today I had difficulty explaining to a particular individual what constitutes a "flat" tire.  Or in the case of a bicycle a flat "TUBE".  Suffice to say that regardless of WHEN the tube is purchased if you ride over a nail, or thorn, or piece of glass and it punctures said tire (especially when it's as bald as your uncle Mortie, and you decided to save a few bucks and NOT replace it at the advice of your mechanic) a scant 2 hours after you leave the shop?  It does NOT constitute a defective tube.  Sadly, I could not get this across and instead at their insistence "just put air back in it"
Because obviously I know nothing and I must be an idiot NOT to realize that placing air Back into a tube with a hole in it will magically seal the puncture.
Silly me.
(was that a wee bit TOO sarcastic?)
Managed to put out two more gems today amidst all the new re-pairs coming in (THANKS so much for all the trust and work!) So check 'em out! Now I gotta go home and assemble Miranda's crib...although I don't yet know where shes going to be put. 
perhaps the closet....
ONLY $115.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!!

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