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Friday, February 17, 2012


No, no!  Don't panic Mom, Angie's not having twins.  But to all those wonderful folks who have been coming in lately asking for either higher end bikes, or pedal forward designs...BOY have we got a SWEET deal for you!  Acquired today from one of our regulars, he finally talked his parents into getting rid of their matching pair of Giant Suede's!!!  YEP, that's right!  A GORGEOUS comfort cruising hybrid with pedal forward design for relaxing cruising.  They bought 'em brand new and on their maiden voyage, out for 5 minutes the husband decided he didn't like them (just a balance issue.  He wanted a three wheeler) and they garaged them in climate controlled comfort until they saw the light of day TODAY, when Louis brought them here!  So now we offer them up to you!  Check out the pics below.
On the new stock front!  Not so much.  Bought  ALLOT more today, I was actually standing outside for over half an hour as one truck after another pulled up to unload a bevy of new beauties!  Once again the shop is littered (neatly) with gems to be!  So fear not, dear Veloist we shall have more SOON!
Tomorrow is the big day!  At 7 am the boys and I head off with our bud Daniel to Orlando for MEGACON!  The Fanboys three days of worldwide recognition (my Spock T-shirt hangs pensive and waiting for it's debut) as the boys will experience the world I lived in for almost 30 years!  I will most assuredly have pictures O' Plenty to share!
Well, with that I'd best be off, I have another one in my rack that hopes to be done for tomorrow!


$300.00 EACH/ $550.00 FOR THE PAIR!!

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