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Thursday, February 9, 2012


All I can say is...
I have to thank all the great folks who made me run ragged today!  LOVE IT! 
The only downside to the busy, is nothing new for the sales floor.  ARRGH!  Yes the plan for the day was to get out more stock, but not so much.
Thanks to the young lady who came in today and FINALLY gave a home to the vintage Schwinn Typhoon.  Nice to know it will be loved.
Also had a visit from the past today!  My old boss and friend Rick happened to pop into the shop today to play catch up.  Pretty shocking.  Haven't seen hide nor hair of him in over 4 years.  Guess he heard about us through some folks in his hometown of Saint Pete and was in the area and put two and two together as he lunched at Subway.  He's the project manager for the local Habitat For Humanity and apparently their doing a development in the area.  Real walk down memory lane!
Thanks to Daryl, our newest friend for his wonderful compliments and desire to "Do business with us, and NO ONE else".  Seems our rantings here on these pages remind him of an old friend.  The memory is a nice one.
Well, tomorrow is already jam packed with four full re-builds, three re-paints and 8 repairs so you'll forgive me if I sign off early.
See you all then!

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