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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All's Quiet On the Western Corner....Of North Highland...

Well at least for the morning yesterday.
Surprisingly mad it into work on time, given the fact that the latest wave of childhood maladies has swept through the household, this one being in the form of a particularly NASTY stomach virus.  Keep an eye out on this one folks!  It strikes with little to no warning.  One second the kiddo's looked fine, then in a flash....Well I'll spare you the gory details but suffice to say, we cornered the market on Lysol RIGHT QUICK! Even more frightening was the fact that Angela got it as well, and that is of particular concern given the pregnancy!  But, today seems to be the tail end of it, and God willing, it won't hit this guy, as I can't afford to take time off!
The day started out like one of those "Dear lord...Why did I get up this morning" kind of days.  Further evidence of a potential clash with the new property management was evident when I came in.  A few day's before the "suits" were in to "introduce" themselves and in the ensuing conversation, in a very passive/aggressive sort of way mentioned the tire skid marks in front of my store (failing of course to recognize the multitude of skid marks all up and down the plaza walk) and inquired as to whether or not I "mentioned" to my customers that that was unacceptable. 
Well, yes.  Should I witness anyone leaving rubber outside the store, or riding bikes INTO the store I do point out that that is not proper etiquette, however NO I did not stand outside posing as a hall monitor handing out citations!  Apparently not hearing or acknowledging my response they smiled and "asked" me to help "keep a lid on it".
As I came in yesterday morning I noticed that at sometime during the night someone had pressure washed the walk (in a less then effective manner).  Obviously various patches of paint were scoured up the walk way, however not only was the space in front of my store VERY bare, but all the little paint chips were splattered up my door and windows about 6 feet and the floor inside the shop was flooded.  Curious I walked up the plaza looking where other areas were washed and realized....No paint on those storefronts!
I get the message.
I assume sometimes soon I will be getting a carp wrapped in a bullet proof vest!  Or maybe a horses head in bed with me!
As I stewed in my collective juices I was perplexed by the relative calm and quiet in the shop.  Being a Monday I am usually flooded with repairs by noon time, but as of then...nothing.  I kept myself busy though, as there's all ways plenty to build.  It wasn't until after three that we got SLAMMED!  Brian came up from Saint Pete, hungrily swooping up the Trek 7200 we were holding for him!  now he finally has a bike HE can ride!  Big Guy!  A nice family came in and closely inspected the ladies Schwinn we'd put out Saturday, and like what they saw giving it a good home.  A gent looking for a good deal walked out with two of the little girls 12'er's for his granddaughters, and  we sold two more out of "Bone Row" pre-production!  One of them a soon to be sweet Trek 400 Road bike, we had just picked up 10 minutes before!  Also met a lovely woman Mrs. Jane, recently back from abroad where she volunteers as a relief aid.  She is of the European school where you DON'T need a car to get around, but rather she prefers the bi-pedal mode of transportation.  We hooked her up with the "DBS" ladies MTB, fitted out with basket for her goodies!  Loved meeting her and hearing of her travels!  Wow.  To be at ground zero in NY.  Now THAT takes ALLOT of guts!
Managed to put out four newbies, concentrating on the kiddie side of the shop!  One already sold, but got pic's of the other three, and have oodles more to work on today!
So with that...I bid you a fond farewell, and hope to see you soon!

16" Boys Mongoose
ONLY $30.00!!

26' Daily Banger Special
ONLY $65.00!!!
Girls 20" 7-Speed!
ONLY $30.00!!!

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