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Monday, February 6, 2012

You Can Get Your Kicks, On Route 66!!

I'm not trying to date myself (but I do think the show was AWESOME!) but we live on Route 66.  PSTA bus route 66.  And this past Sunday, family day in an effort to find something fun and different (that did not require an enormous amount of walking as momma is getting bigger by the minute) I researched things to do and as much as I have been yearning to hit a good flea market (redneck; GUILTY!) but the amount of time and transfers to get there would probably have put momma into early delivery, SO in the end we opted to take the 66 all the way to it's Northern end where it dumps out in New Port Richey at the Sponge Docks.  I'd gone there once before for a bike show, but this time we took in the local Chotsky shops, had an authentic Greek lunch (of sorts, the younger ones opting for the relative familiarity of chicken fingers with fries) only having two major incidences of drink spillage (never deposit your ice tea in front of a spirited 18 month old with a penchant for creative uses of menus).  I'll give our hostesses much credit for their patience and understanding in quickly cleaning it up, insisting not to worry about it.  After walking off lunch and sitting for some espresso, we boarded the "CruiseO-Rama" and took a 3 hour tour.  A Dolphin watch culminating in a half our layaway on a secluded beach head for some shell searching, and unexpected wading.  Surprisingly everyone remembered their shoes.  Even more surprising is my fears were unfounded and none of the kids went over much as Owen and Izzy tried.
 All and all an excellent time.
On to work.
OK, I just have to apologize for the total lack of stock.  Let that be said.  Not that it's a bad thing but as soon as I put out anything it's gone.  The repairs are coming in unabated (thanks SO MUCH for the faith) but I work a little later tonight to put them all to bed and have nothing in the waiting room for the AM, so i am TOTALLY focused on getting out some goodies tomorrow!  I'd like to thank all the folks for coming in and saying such wonderful things today.  Tom picked up the Schwinn Cross Cut on a long term rental and put in an order for his lovely wife.  Jennifer came in with her beautiful young daughter to up size her to a 20" upon the referral from a wonderful soul at the playground.  You KNOW you're hip when they're talking about you on the playground!
Well as you can tell from my ramblings I need to get some down time so I can gear up for a BIG push!
I wish you all a good evening and feel free to check out pics below of our excursion!

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