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Saturday, February 4, 2012

OK, so who put the time machine on fast forward?

Where the heck did the week go? 
Been like crazy busy this past week and I'd like to thank all the folks for coming in and making it an AWESOME one!  Yes, I know, I say that allot, but I really do mean it.  With the renovations we did the previous week we got so far behind on building and repairs but everyone coming in has been ULTRA understanding and respectable.  Even when they had to wait longer then usual to get their re-pairs back! 
I'll lay money down on 100 to one odds that we have the BEST customers!  Hands DOWN!
Yesterday saw allot of the newly built beauties go out the door, leaving us a little sparse for Saturday, I'm sorry to say.  Thanks to Bill, for his tenacity as he finally came in at the right time and grabbed up the men's Banger we had put out the night before.  He should have added fun on his vacation now. Thanks to Sam for wheeling and dealing and getting on the "Panama Jack" cruiser!  And we got a SA-NICE Schwinn "Old School" hybrid in swap.  He should be able to slow down and cruise with his lady love now.  Megan, also a wheeler-dealer, took off with the 24" MTB for her son and we got a couple more bangers in it's stead.   Janice is a woman who knows what she wants as she saw the Mongoose BMX, asked how much and dropped it on the counter (wow!  Weird to be able to say "counter" around here) I'm sure her nephew will love it!   Smith was another sure minded fellow, as he was swooned by the red Next BMX we had in the window and knew he had to process it!  Which, as I said leaves us sparse.  But that's OK!  We have LOTS to build and will be hopefully pounding them out today!  Young Kaleb is on deck and has already done his awesome clean on the shop and getting to hunker down on some BMX'ers so's the old man can get some big bikes done and up!
Managed to get only one done yesterday, amongst the hustle and bustle and she's a PEACH! least now she is!  Elijah picked this up from one of our other bike shop friends.  he had written it off as a lost cause, and he always saves his "left overs" for us.  So sweet!  In the end, given how much work it ended up needing, I probably should have listened to the "lost cause" message.  BUT, the gauntlet had been cast down and i could not pass up the challenge!  It's a lightweight, cro-moly Schwinn "Clear Creek" and after an EXTENSIVE re-build she's ready.  Believe me when I say, I took her out for a morning ride today....SWEET!  I'm not that much of a MTB Man any more, but this girl ROARED up the local hill (it's Florida...we only have like, three hills in the whole state and their within 2 square miles of here)!
well with that, I'd best get my tucas to work!
Hope to see ya'll soon
21 speed's of PURE ADRENALIN!
ONLY $100.00!!!

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