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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another Week....

Thanks to everyone for keeping us rolling this week!  We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful folks coming in to pay us visits!  Forgive me if I miss anyone in the list, but so much went on and OUT this week I think I lost track!  Suffice to say the stock turn over about five times and I just couldn't keep ahead of it.  Louis and his wife came in today to lay claim to the duo trikes we special built for his folks.  We do so hope they enjoy them.  The red one was a real bear but the blue one went together without a hitch!  Surprises never cease!  Had our daily wave of re-pairs come in and as always not only do we thank you for them, but also for the great patience and understanding you have all shown us, as we are finding it harder and harder to have some re-pairs finished the same day as is our norm!  But ever the real troopers none have complained!  Also like to thank all the folks who have made us a regular stop a couple of days a week still on the hunt for that perfect ride.  I can't tell you how honored we feel when we find out that rather then go somewhere else you are waiting for US to come up with your wheels of dreams!!  I give you a VERY deep bow of respect and appreciation!  I do say have no fear, as we are thankfully starting to get more into the swing of things and building a rhythm as not only are the majority of repairs getting done relatively quickly but still managing to get out at least two newbies a day out!  Should be more now that the three wheelers are done! 
Got out three more today!  A sweet men's Schwinn Ranger, a ladies Schwinn MTB as well as a 20 BMX (need ALLOT more of those!) 
Next week is already lined up starting with a killer Diamondback MTB and a Giant Cypress to name a few!
So as the evening wains on, my lovely wife has deined to humor me in our movie watching tonight and is allowing me to watch MST3000...AT HOME!  ON THE BIG SCREEN!  I love this woman SO, SO much!
Night folks!

ONLY $95.00!!

ONLY $85.00!!!!

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