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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men!

As much as I wish I had a bevy of new bikes to picture below, alas it is not so.  Today was more of the same wonderful busy-ness.  Another stream of repairs came flooding through the doors, and I thank you all SO much!  And also thanks for the fact that more then half were by referral!  SWEET!  Love it when the good word gets out.  Obviously finding new homes for bikes was minimal as we have so few orphans left!  The GT...oh wait, I didn't even have that one listed did I?  No, we still have the blue one, this was a ladies we got in yesterday and filled out a wonderful ladies wish list.  Now her and hubby can ride together!  Thanks to the lady who came in and fell in love with the Mongoose BMX for her son!  In her words "Rather pay $50.00 here then $130.00 at Wal-mart!"
YES!  heh heh!
Well aside from all the wonderful visitors we got to chat with today, I don't have a whole lot to yack about.  So I guess I'll be shoving off.  Gonna go have some Sushi with Momma.

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