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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Impromptu Movie Review!!

In retrospect, i should have probably just gone to bed, but the opportunity to sit up for a little while with Angi was to good to pass up.  As we had rented this latest film last week and never got around to watching it, we popped it in, kicked up our feet and gave it a watch.  "Apollo 18".  Think "Blair Witch" in space, but with out the incessant jerky movement.  BlairWitch was a directorial and marketing masterpiece.  Truly a low budget stroke of genius if you consider the pre-quell in the form of the mockumentary released on the Sci-Fi channel that cleverly posed as a "this is FACTUAL, real life footage of the haunting of Berketsville.  Then the movie was released in small run theaters to a limited audience to create a HUGE buzz.  The film was then sold to a major studio who let it leak that it was all a hoax, therefore taking the thrill, and appeal out of the film, which then became nothing more then a film students senior thesis!  STUPID! 
13 years later the whole "actual lost footage" conspiracy cover-up approach is overdone (think Paranormal 1...and 2....and 3?) so when this film used the ploy it was pase', redundant and silly.  BUT, I will admit I enjoyed the combination of film cuts from one style camera to another, the ships on board Westinghouse cameras, the POV suit mounts, and assorted others.  Definitely giving it a genuine feel.  As well as the subtle "caught in the corner of the eye" movement, then fish-eyed highlighted critters. 
(CAUTION:  SPOILER ALERT) The film was augmented for us, though as at the moment the American astronaut exploring a pitch black impact crater for the missing cosmonaut, as his flash camera highlights the VERY dead corpse Kaleb had quietly come up behind us to say goodnight causing both momma and I to jump out of our skins!  Of course the film also gave Mom and I pause for debate as I am of the camp that believes we landed on the Moon, while Momma believes we landed in Arizona! 
The whole "Alien Critters hiding in the darkness" ploy is OLD!  These little guys apparently camouflage themselves as, yes you guessed  Waiting for their prey to pick them up and, yes...enter the body of their host taking them over.
Hold on.  I refer you to my incessant need to find natural plausibility in  ANY species.  Exactly HOW MANY organic life forms ARE walking around on the moon?  Every creature in the known and UNknown world requires food to survive.  Even those that can hibernate, EVENTUALLY have to eat.  So is the film maker trying to tell us that this species evolved void of sustenance in the HOPES that an organic life form would eventually evolve to a point that they achieved space flight, aimed for the moon and landed, so they could have a SNACK?!  Even if these guys crashed landed from another world (and trust me...they didn't look like they themselves possessed inter stellar star drives) they would have dies out long before we got there. 
In the end, on film technique alone, it's worth a look (if there's nothing better on).
SO, in closing a special shout out to all my fellow Conventioneers who have obviously been checking out the blog entry devoted to them.  Thanks for the comments, and yes next year Owen WILL be leashed!

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