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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oh I Am Going To SOOOOO Need A Daddy Day!

Gave my self a wee break this morning and brought up only three of the kiddo's first thing, leaving Elijah and the wee ones home with Logan (to make sure Elijah didn't go back to sleep) who would come up around noon time before Elijah has to go back to the Carny.  It was nice.  Relative peace and quiet.  Of course, had to referee the constant squabbling between Owen and Rozy, but that has become an almost involuntary reflex from me at this point.  Once the little ones arrived, though, the entire tenor of the place changes.  Miranda, having just barreled through the door after Elijah grabbed his coffee he had carelessly left on the edge of the counter, dousing herself and her fresh clothes.  Thank GOD it wasn't HOT coffee!  
Just fed the lot of them, springing for Chinese. 
Oh that's hilarious!  I opened this page at 9 am this morning, got busy.  Came back at 11.30 started typing, got crazy busy and now it's almost 2!  WOOF!  LOVE SATURDAYS!! 
Guess I best just pack this in and get to some real work!  Have had a plethora of trades come in and NEED to get them pounded out!  Bone Row is getting a wee bit to full!  Need room to get to the VAST video collection! 
See ya soon! 

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