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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Fifty

This morning I had an inspiration!
During the normal hullabaloo of hilariously harrowing hijinks's this morning whilst getting the kiddos ready for school (Miranda has taken to removing her diaper and throwing it at the door to alert me to the fact that  I am not getting her out of bed fast enough!) I had given my keys to the first child dressed and ready to go, directing her to unlock the shed and pull out the bikes.  Apparently, NOT directing Rozlynd to make sure she returned the keys to me was a major screw up on my part.  Of course, in my advancing age my mind is on the blink so I didn't think to ask for them until we arrived at school, at which point I got the scrunched lips, sucking sound and a long, audible "oooooooooo!  Daddy!  I'm sorry!"
Quickly I called Angi, who trotted out in her flip flops and Jammie's to locate said keys, and quickly mustered the troops to get them to the shop for me.
SOOOOOO, the ride to the shop from school was a leisurely one, with no real immediate imperative to get there early.  On the way, I passed the usual gaggle of kids meandering to school.  Some chipper, some with a gate akin to a "dead man walking"  "the green mile"!  (WOW!  Two movie references in one sentence!  I am SO good!) Once to the shop I got a coffee on credit and plopped down in front of the shop and waited.  Funny, how some people seeing me sit there lower their head and quickly walk past, obviously thinking I'll ask them for spare change.  Yes, I dress that well!  While waiting I saw one boy,  elementary school age, quickly scurry across the parking lot, at 8.45 am, obviously WAY late for second bell.  I couldn't help but chuckle at his nervous trot and caught myself saying "if you had a bike you'd be there now".  However, I quickly chastised myself for being a lout.  The boy sported a well worn uniform, clearly two sizes two small and well past any hope of removing the stains in the knees.  Clearly, his folks probably couldn't afford a bike, perhaps not even here!  So it got me thinking!  School is almost over for the year *shudder* but will start up in mid August, so why don't we plan ahead?  Here's my idea.  By the beginning of the next school year we would like to accumulate FIFTY bikes, boy's and girls ranging in sizes 16"-24" to donate to our kids school resource department, where they can figure out the best way to distribute them to the kids who need it the most.  Here's where you all come in!  If you have any old bikes your kids have outgrown or lost interest in, please drop them off at the shop and we will donate the time and materials to rebuild them, then deliver them, en' masse! 
I think it would be a great way to lessen the clutter in your garage, don't you think?
Thanks to the lady who came in yesterday looking to replace an unfortunately stolen ride.  She and her partner are in the process of training for a long road race, and needed something road, but a little heavier then the alloy or carbon ride they will pick up for the race.  Best way to train, really.  Get an older steel frame, build up your strength and stamina, then get on an ultra light and blow away the competition!  She choose the old Peugeot for starters, and will keep an eye out for another!  Also, as always, thanks to all the folks for the continued stream of repairs, ALWAYS a pleasure!
 The "Old School" Raleigh we are refurbing is coming along swimmingly!  That will be done later this morning.  We also managed to get out two newbies!  A 7 speed comfort cruiser and a cute little 20"! 
EBAY has been taking up an exorbitant amount of time, come to find out.  Apparently folks on there don't read the descriptions of the items.  I know this because I seem to spend a lot of time answering questions about them!  BUT, it is a LOT of fun watching heavy bid competition of some of the choice items!  We got a heck of a lot more for some of them then I had anticipated! 
OK, so today, it's back on the Raleigh, then I'm gonna have some MUCH deserved fun rebuilding an old cruiser frame into a Rat Rod!  Been FAR to long since I have done one of those!
So, see ya round the water cooler!
I'm out!

ONLY $35.00!!!
ONLY $75.00!!!

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