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Monday, May 19, 2014

Roto-Rooter: Unclogs Pipes AND Your Wallet!

So, Angi and my plans were shattered for the weekend!
Saturday night, Elijah and Kaleb arrived home a little later then anticipated from their trip to the concert in Saint Pete.  Going there with their friends but having NO clear way to return, it was a "seat of the pants" operation, scrounging up money to pay for bus fare back to downtown Clearwater only  to walk back to the house from there. Yea.  Brilliant.  The ensuing "Dad" lecture took us past OUR time of departure, so we scrapped plans for the evening with the intention of doing it on Sunday.
Heh, heh.  Yea, RIGHT!
Come Sunday morning, around 11 am, after having my morning coffee, I went to do my normal routine, but when I entered the master bath, I found a flood.  Going into panic mode, I ordered up all the towels we had, then checked the water line for a leak.  Nope, wasn't that.  Saturday evening the kids told us that their toilet was clogged and we did the plunger bit that seemed to work.  Obviously it didn't.  Shutting off both water lines, we contact the local plumber (who in hind sight we should have stuck with) but as his price was more then we paid in the past, we contacted Roto-Rooter.  A mistake. BIG mistake!  Some of you may now be asking "why didn't you call the landlord to handle it?"  Easy answer.  With all the kiddo's we have, it is a HIGH probability the cause of the clog was their fault.  This isn't our first time having our lines snaked!  Oh, no, it's always a toy, tooth brushes, socks or some other foreign object clogging it up, so the bills on us! 
So here we sat, waiting for the plumber to arrive.  Finally after about two hours they showed and gave us the breakdown after inspection.  OF course there were three prices dependent upon what they found after each step had been done.  Oh, of course, you are very bright for ascertaining that the final price was the HIGHEST ONE!! 
Oh yea, you take a moment to sit and absorb that.
Now, he was there for an hour and a half, and was a descent enough Joe.  He took the time to inform us of what he was doing, and what inherent defects there were in our sewer line, as it is old cast iron pipes on a house that has settled and altered the pitch.  But in the end we just had to swallow it.
Less then an hour later.
Angi goes to use the restroom, and finds another freakin' lake!!
Immediately Angi called them back as I'm sopping up the water, and she was met with an incredulous operator who immediately went on the defensive, stating that the original reason they were there was because of baby wipes in the sewer line and adults should "know better"!?!?
I saw the look of shock and anger flash over Angi's face as I overheard the conversation, and I took the phone from her as she handed it to me with a look of disgust, as if the receiver had an air of stench to it, and expressed my shock to the operator.  She proceeded to inform me that....
So what they are telling me is I just spent $400.00 for NOTHING!!
OH, the tenor and lilt of my otherwise calm and easy going demeanor DEFINATELY took a dark turn!
They meant to tell me that after only an hour, and no one having used it, they wouldn't fix the problem?!  After some choice words, however,  they checked with the tech and he was willing to come by and check it again. nice.
Turns out, he missed a clog altogether, as he hadn't snaked the line from the master far enough.
In conclusion, take my advice and DO NOT use Roto-Rooter.  Call Dunedin Plumbing, at least they stand behind their work!
Enough of my rant, I REALY need to get to work, as this whole morning has been a BLISTERING Busy day!  We got a truck load of videos in (OK, maybe not a truckload, but over 300 of them) and I gotta find room!  And this lot has some REAL rarities!
Allright, I'd best get at it!!
See ya soon! 

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