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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Angi's Charitable Contribution

To set the record straight. 
In December of 2007 with no food in the house, and no money at all we had to figure out how to earn some cash, QUICK.  Poking around the house for something to sell or pawn, we looked at some of the bikes we had kicking about the garage and came up with the idea of fixing and selling them.  A few hours later we had four bikes sitting at the end of the driveway with a "For Sale" sign on them.  45 minuets later we sold all four.
That night, spoiling the kids with a big Pizza dinner, Angi and I started talking.  We still had a few more bikes left, and thought "oh what the heck"
As time progressed the whole thing grew beyond anything we could have imagined.  Angi recognized the potential for what we had created (I still harbored a belief that it was only temporary and that I would eventually return to my previous vocation of remodeling houses) and began to establish policy.  It worked, obviously, because almost eight years later I am sitting in our shop talking to you every day about bikes, among other things, and nowadays couldn't imagine myself doing anything but! 
Bottom line is, we decided (actually I insisted) that everything to do with the business be in her name.  She IS the boss, and I work for her.  Lets face it, statistically speaking, I am seven years her senior and will most likely shake off this mortal coil before her, I don't want their to be any legal harangues!
SOOOOO, it was with that in mind, that last night, when a friend of Elijah's came with him to the house after work, as they were going out for the evening,  Angela informed me that we were hiring him.
Now, when she gives me that look and say "we are" the famous line from Captain Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly resounds in my head "Why are we arguing about something that's already been decided?"  I know that I'd best just get on board.  She has, after all, allowed me to make the majority of the business direction choices on my own, so when she wants to make an executive decision...I listen.
So, this morn, Andrew came in for his first day.  He knows BMX so that may help.  And he grasped the concept that first thing in the morning, stay busy and don't interrupt my "quiet reflection period!"
Yesterday was a HOOT!!  First thing, had a wonderful young couple come in and snag up the Trek 3900!  Not only that, but they donated TWO matching Specialized Crossroads (for some reason I thought the were Giant Cypress's) and then we started talking about babies and kids (they have a matching set of youngins) and of course that's one of my favorite subjects to talk about (and whine about).  I thank them for not acting bored as I prattled on! 
Had several more repairs come in, we thank you all so very much!  And the last remaining finished repairs were picked up as well! 
And here's a bit of Murphy's Law!  We have had two VERY sharp looking HIGH END road bikes sitting in the shop for some time.  A Specialized Dolce and a Cannondale Slice.  High end bikes are NOT our forte' but we got them for such a nice price we put them out, comparatively, very cheap!  BUT, still compared to what we normally choose to carry, they are real popular to look at, but pricey.  As we are now very IN to EBAY, Elijah came up with the idea of listing them, and see what happens.  I figured "what the heck" as it didn't appear we were ever going to sell them!
No sooner had I listed them, did I get a call first from a young lady looking for a light weight "professional" road racer, then a gent called about the same!  Now we get calls all the time, so I didn't think much of it, until the very nice young lady came in to check it out.  She works for the Clearwater post of the US Coast Guard and apparently (this is where my chest puffs up with pride) many of the guys she works with, who have their own hard core riding group have been talking up our little shop a lot!  And told her in no uncertain terms if she wanted to get a really good bike at a REALLY good price she had to come here!  Yep, you guessed it!  She left with the Dolce!  Of course, at this point I'm in a panic thinking that perhaps I'd have trouble removing the item from EBAY, but as it turns out, "no worries"!
Managed to put out two amongst all the hub bub!  Check them out below!
We also raked in several newbies as well!  One of them a SWEET old school Trek road bike!  Lugged frame but LIGHT, and with all original parts!  VERY NICE!!  As well as a BEVY of bangers traded in on some repairs!  So we have our work cut out for us today!
So with that, I'd best sign off and get at it!
See ya soon!

ONLY $110.00!!
ONLY $70.00!!!

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  1. Sooooo......

    You went from being th' lone wolf to having TWO employees? Whoa. How corporate. Dude. Whooda man. And so on.
    I'll have to slide by and check out the new guy.

    Also, I have a search request. You were so good about finding Iggy for me, I got another one on my want list.

    And do NOT let me forget that when I show up.