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Friday, May 23, 2014


Limited time for updates as we are swamped this morning and it's already noontime!  AHHHH!   Flood of repairs for the weekend rides have come in and Elijah is diligently banging away, while I have been processing the latest batch of EBAY shipments!  A couple of the gems we picked up two weeks ago have come off the "watch list" and will be processed out!  Well, at least one of them.  Our Southy friend Dan "AY! YO!" wants it as is for his wife, and I owe him, so, honor bound debt paid!  WHAT UP?!
Alright, on the work front.  Man, ever have one of those work days you are constantly moving, from start to finish but at the end you sit down and feel guilty because it doesn't feel like you did anything?  Yea, that was me yesterday!  As about two dozen items came to close on EBAY I spent the better part of the afternoon doing the whole "mail man" bit.  By the time I finished it was 10 till 6!  Today, I hope to get out some rides, as we are really getting thin again!  Oh sure, Andrew finished up a Dave Scott Haro BMX, that looks pretty sharp, although the wheels have some real odd looking alloy erosion on 'em.  Oh, they're solid, just pock marked.  BUT they are original, and heavy duty so we let it slide!  The road bikes are flying out of here!  Between yesterday and today we moved the Raleigh, the Marin, the Peugeot and the Giant.  Just one little old Trek left.  BUT, today we have more goodies to do up, so Hooray for us! 
All right, I gotta cut it short and get to it!
Before the NEXT batch of EBAY stuff comes due!
See ya! 
Haro "dave Scott" BMX!
ONLY $65.00!!

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