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Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunday Slipped Past

One day bleeds into the next.
I must be addicted to this place, that's the only explanation I can come up with.  We are testing the waters with our schedule around here, having chosen to stay open an extra hour during the week to accommodate the shoppers looking for a cooler time to visit.  Originally, Elijah was going to stay the extra hour, but inevitably I have lingered on.  Sunday, we opted to open hoping to take advantage of the anticipated good weather (after a week of sub par skies) but as it turns out, took advantage of the time to put together a really sweet Trek 3900 "Big Boy" we picked up Saturday in trade!  She is a REAL gem!!  Also, spent the remainder of the afternoon working on a side project for Rozy, in the form of a ladies 24" single speed, with narrow road tires.  Currently she rides a MTB, but has trouble keeping up.  Given it's weight, and wide knobby tires, she's fighting it all the way home!  I hope she will find this one easier. 
As it turned out, Elijah had spent the evening at a friends house, so I came in to open up.  When he had arrived home Angi was already up, working togs on, cleaning house.  See, we love the boy, but he gets comfortable.  Between him and the three other boys sharing the same large room, it always appears as if a bomb had gone off, and waiting all week for them to do something about it, Angi had had enough.  Sadly, whenever they are asked to clean up after themselves it's like she's asking them to saw their arm off!  Dragging their heels all day, when I arrived home a little after five, the only thing they had accomplished was to have picked up all the debris off the floor and throw it on their respective beds, as each boy, now not having no place to sit were scattered about the house, on individual couches as if they didn't have anything else to do!  Angi was slaving away in the kitchen making their favorite dinner, hand made Sheppard's pie (having scuffed up her knuckles with the paring knife) and they acted oblivious.
Needless to say I had a problem with that.
They finished up quickly after that.
As mentioned, we added the Trek, and today, having all but emptied out bone row in the store, we will be picking through the outside "Bone Yard" and try and put a dent in THAT!  So without further delay, We will see you all soon!

TREK 3900 "BIG BOY"!
ONLY $65.00!!!

1 comment:

  1. Steven-

    The last time I took a stroll through your behind-the-shop bone yard, there was a charming little three-speed back there, quite possibly French. An off brand, but interesting. Can't wait to see that one back on the road!