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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Florida, the Vacate-tion State.

This time of year I feel like the butt of a practical joke perpetrated by a large group of friends.  You know, you're at a party or gathering, go off to use the restroom or something, then everyone takes off and hides, so when you return you blink a couple times and stutter out "wha...where did everyone go?"
Once the warmer weather besets us, and the Snowbirds fly North the remaining natives shutter themselves away.  Oh, the brave few keep plugging, but it just becomes so darn quiet!
So to try and pass the time, Elijah and I spent yesterday reorganizing the shop and doing some MUCH needed cleaning!  We also, as promised, tackled the "Bone Yard" and started the tear downs, and parts organization. 
I do not like that work, Sam I am.
Once the kiddos came by after school, they sat down and worked on their arts and crafts, so I was up to my eyeballs in....eyeballs.  You know, Googly Eyes, little pompoms.  Yea, that.
Today, we are SO caught up we actually....MOPPED THE FLOORS!!! 
See I have NO problem with being busy, just would prefer if it had a wee bit more purpose.  Like, um...doing a repair or three.  Building a new ride.  Fun stuff. 
One inspiration I did have last night, seeing as I had built up Rozy's vintage single, Logan and Owen seems a little like "what about us?"  So when I was putting up my bike in the shed I happened to look at the homesteads "Bone Yard" (yes, we have one hidden there too!)  and started looking real hard at an antique JC Higgins and an OLD Columbia Jet Fire sagging into the Earth.  All splendor with the tanks, and fenders and chain guards but in SERIOUS rusty disrepair, and started thinking, I have wanted to restore them for some time, but perhaps, for the time being, so the boys can ride something rustic for awhile, I'll do a full mechanical restoration on them but keep the vintage appearance.  For no other reason then eventually they will loose interest and want to ride something newer and flashy, so why put the time, effort and money into a new paint job they will just ding up.  So later this morning Elijah will be bringing up the first one and I think we will have a little fun doing an educational You Tube bit with it!  What the heck!  I'm an egotistical ham, who loves the sound of his own voice who foolishly thinks his opinions matter and people really want to listen to me.  I'd be PERFECT for You Tube!!
Alright...I guess I best...I don't
See ya!


  1. Waiting to subscribe to the YouTube channel.=)

  2. No Worries! We'll give everyone a heads up!