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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Never Doubt "The Scruffy"! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Yea. I KNOW what's cool!
Yesterday, now being a semi expert at navigating EBAY I was off the morning computer time right quick!  Back in the grove of our mainstay, building bikes!  As the repairs were light we got into new builds relatively quickly and had a very rare road bike "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL" built out.  What is a RBDBS you may ask?  Well, it's a fully mechanically re-furbed Road Bike that lacks just enough eye appeal to demote it to the DBS status. Nothing wrong with that moniker mind you, it just means they are not the prettiest bikes around.  This one, a 58cm Giant was well loved  and needed a LOT of TLC.  But when it was over, the accumulation of scratches in the paint, just didn't warrant a real road bike price!  We also have a RARE 26" 3-speed Ladies Cruiser!  This one is a Fuji we have had sitting in the back for some time waiting on the right parts.  Last was a Men's 26 Cruiser, alloy frame that we had picked up a couple weeks ago.  Well, picked up is not the right word.  More like "caught" when the owner all but threw it at us!  LOL!  It was in all sorts of disarray, and when he brought it in for repairs, discovered just how much needed to be done just to make it RIDEABLE, so he gave up, and choose to just buy another bike we had in stock.  When we asked him what he'd like to do with his old bike, he just let it go and land against the bike rack and told us to scrap it.  Well, it being an alloy frame AND a male one (hard to get men's cruisers nowadays) we set it in the back for a future project.  Yesterday, the muse upon me, I dug out the pieces, salvaged what I could, and set upon building ANOTHER Rat Rod!  Oh, I haven't done one of those in a while and I do SO love doing scratch builds!!  This one started with the alloy frame, I dug out a salvageable set of alloy wheels, trued 'em up, then scrounged each and every other piece from.... "THE BUCKETS!!!"  Almost nothing of the original ride was redeemable, so I had to make it all fit.  Got a little kitchey with some of it, as I flipped the bars, dropped the seat (a HONKIN' HUGE one we have had sitting around forever) and a full set of chrome half moon pegs!  Yes, I don't even remember where we got these things but we have had them for almost SIX YEARS!!  They look PERFECT on this Low rider!  When I was done with it both Elijah and Andrew...and the rest of the kids for that matter, thought it was the most ghetto, goofy thing they ever seen!  The chided me saying "it will NEVER sell!!"  "it's ugly!"
I chuckled.
Never question ME bout what's cool!  I am HIP!  I assured them that not only WOULD it sell, but it would do so first thing this morning!
Sure enough, we got three "That bike is SO cool!  Is it still available?" calls and the bike was gone before ten am! 
So...In their face!  These kids today with their hippity hop music, have no IDEA what is cool! 
This morning we also sent the Raleigh "Big Boy" home with a gent who was built for this humongous ride,  so it's been a busy start to the day! 
Elijah is doing maintenance on his bike (well...MY Jamis on loan) as he keeps killing the rear wheel, but OH HEAVENS NO!  It's not HIS fault!!!  (was I obvious about the sarcasm on that statement?) and then he is off to fill out a job application.  Yes, thumb screws in place and the risk of relinquishing control of everything he values in lieu of rent money, has inspired him to get off his keister and start bringing in a paycheck.  Tough Love folks! 
As far as on the griddle today?  Not really sure.  Got to dig through the pile and see what I have to play with and I'll get back to ya! 
All right, we are back at it!  See ya soon!!

ONLY $75.00!!
ONLY $90.00!!!

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  1. Oh man, yeah- That black bike is WAY cool! Very good job there, sir!