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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Let's Go Out To The Ball Game....!

Who's brilliant idea was it to build stadiums with NO roof!?
Ok, for the record I am in no way a sports fan.  I've never been to a game of any kind, professional or otherwise.  My exposure was limited to about three days of Little League back when I was a little one.  My mother had the  brilliant idea of drafting me to the home team in Brentwood NH.  Perhaps she thought it would breed sportsmanship, discipline or maybe she thought I didn't feel awkward enough as a prepubescent!  Constant ridicule breeds character I guess.  However, the coach wisely recognized I had NO affinity for the game so he stuck me in left field.  FAR left field!  You know, the part they don't even bother to mow because they figure the little kids couldn't even hit the ball that far.  The place that requires sending out a homing pigeon to let you know the inning was over!  At one point I think I even fielded for the other team because the players were so far away I didn't even realize they had switched!
Anyway, I was far more comfortable at home in my room, propped up on pillows in my closet re-reading the latest batch of Comic Books!
So, from that early confidence squashing experience, I have felt nothing but loathing for sports.  My wife, on the other hand, was into track and field, fresh air and had a New England family that threw Super Bowl parties and the like.  She had an opportunity yesterday to take the kiddos (with the school) to a Jay's game.  Seriously, why would anyone willingly go through this!?  First.  It's 90 freaking degrees out!  Second, they had to WALK from the school to the stadium.  With a bunch of grade schoolers and cranky school teachers (some who should NEVER be allowed to care of kids as they have NO patience!) Then the have to sit, in the bloody sun for two plus hours, with a gaggle of kids all expressing their disdain for the heat (seriously, how much would it cost to rig up some over hanging sun screens?) to the point of inspiring multiple trips to the refreshment stand for drinks and ice cream who's prices require a small loan!  Oh, when Angi handed me the change from the 100 dollar bill she had?  I thought she was kidding!  Unfortunately for Angi, the curse of the Irish is very fair skin, and she returned to the shop, drained and RED in all her exposed parts.  The kids, having been fortunate to get my darker complexion escaped relatively unscathed.  The only saving grace from the whole day is they were all fortunate enough to have some memories of time spent together doing something out of the ordinary.  I have to respect Angi for undertaking the whole ordeal!  She has far more stamina then I would have displayed!
Next time though, NIGHT GAME!
Yesterday...was a Tuesday.
We thank the folks that came in for a spell and visit, and for the referral repairs that came in as well.  Managed to get out two new sweet BMX'ERS and spent the remainder of the day sorting through parts.
 Oh Joy!
Yes, as we accumulate a lot of goodies, the thankless task of cleaning, stocking and organizing ensues. 
Today...more of the same.  Our bevy in the boneyard has been close to exhausted, and what's left will probably be cannibalized today making for a full truck load for Terry.  I'm sure our landlord will appreciate the clean space!
So with that, we are back at it!
Classic 20" GT Performer BMX
ONLY $90.00!!

Scratch Built, Aluminum Framed BMX "Mutt"
ONLY $75.00!!!


  1. True story:

    Tried out for little league once. Short stop. Seemed the obvious position. Everything went sailing over my head, both literally and figuratively. Never went back, as it cut into my bike riding time.

    Off to see Jack Keourac's house in the morning. Wish me luck!

  2. Man, did I blow the spelling on that one.


    Ah, that's better.