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Friday, May 30, 2014

Time...Really? Not With Kiddo's!

OH YES!  In FULL Daddy mode today!
With Elijah conveniently finding other ways to fill his time, the wee one's are with me today.  Angi is off in PA dealing time with her family, so I've got kid patrol!  Last night wasn't that bad, contrary to popular pop culture, not ALL husbands and fathers are incompetent boobs.  No, dinner was prompt, everyone got their baths and we were even able to squeeze in play time before bed.  Daddy donned a sheet and played "ghost" with the girls.  Of course, in true "Ghostbuster" fashion they used the fact that I was blind under a sheet to pummel me into submission.  OUCH!  Izzy hits HARD!  Once the girls went to bed Owen, Logan and I played a couple hands of Magic (which Logan one, once again!) then went off to sleep.  I settled into TV after that and around one am tried to go to sleep.  No good.  Without Angi there beside me I tossed and turned until about five am before I passed out.  Of course, woke up late after that, at 8 am exactly when my second alarm went off (slept through the first) and then everything went higgledy piggley!
But, we made it in on time, and the kids were hardly late so that's something!
Now, it's maintaining order until some form of relief shows up!
Can't blame them though, they are rather constrained from their normal day activities, and don't like being penned up.  I knew I should have bought that animal carrier!
and yet......
As Miranda has finally drifted off I may actually get some work done!
So with that, a fond adieu'!
See ya soon!

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  1. Ok, folks, right here, right now, a great big "Ten Thousand Thank You's" to Big Daddy Steven Atherton for taking such good care of his customers whilst still caring for, and corralling, Clan Atherton!

    I stopped by the shop this morning, and sure enough, Steven had rounded up an uncommon bicycle thingy I had mentioned wanting awhile back. He remembered! Wow!

    The lesson here: If you've got something you gotsta got but don't, bicycle-wise, heigh thee to Re-Cycle Bicycles and talk to The Man.

    Again, Steven, thank you!

    You rock!